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Time For Fall Sports

By Staff | Aug 8, 2018

I wrote last week that I was going to hang-it-up as a full time sports reporter next sports season, and I hope to be able to have some time to visit and attend my grandchildren’s functions and get my health back to where it should.

Running all over the county, while making sure I cover all the teams equally, is putting a strain on my health; it doesn’t give me time to do yard work and keep my house updated so when Lynne and I both retire we can enjoy our later years, instead of trying to keep it up.

Like I said before, I’m not totally retiring – just not full-time if its all right with management. However, I would hope that the coaches, players and their fans will make this one for record books.

The Fall Sports Schedule Booklet is now done. For 18 years now, we have done this, and you would think by now everyone knows to get their schedules submitted. We didn’t receive some of the middle school schedules.

Now it is on to the football tab; the previews have always been a big project for us, and thanks to everyone for trying to get team photos, as well as individual photos of at least the seniors. We also include all the marching bands and cheerleaders too.

We only have until this Friday to get everything done, and I hope it all comes together. Nevertheless, I want to thank the coaches, athletic directors, booster clubs and players for their help in getting this years football tab put together.

In the next week or two we will try to get the previews for the rest of the fall sports – golf, cross country, volleyball, as well as the boys and girls soccer teams. If we don’t get everyone by the time their season starts, I’m sorry; we will still try to do something.

Just be patient.

We are going to keep up with the players of the week, and fans of the week. It went very well last season, and I expect it will continue. We have some very good athletes, and it looks to me, as I see all the area athletes in practices, there will be a lot of girls and boys challenging for Athlete of the Week – each and every week.

Please, if I happen to misspell a name of an athlete, please let me know ASAP. I will get it right.

Golf is getting some matches in already, and we will hope to get results in as soon as we can. Good luck to all our area athletes in their games and matches. I hope to make this high school sports season one of the best.

You can reach Bruce Crawford @ bcrawford@wetzelchronicle.com.