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From My View For June 13

By Staff | Jun 13, 2018

With the area schools closed for the summer, it’s now onto vacations and then prepping to enter another grade level, or heading beyond. Recent high school graduates might enter collegiate studies, the military, or head straight to the workforce.

For those getting ready to enter high school, they might be tempted to speed right along and not stop and smell the roses. However, those who have just graduated would advise against that. They might wish to go back to high school and do things a bit differently. I would guess that nine times out of 10, they would say to slow down, maybe stop and smell the roses. High school will go by fast.

In the Class A sports word, high school coaches are looking to add as many players needed to field their teams, to keep the teams afloat. Some players have been told to stick with one sport, to help them get a free college education. However, many recent graduates might suggest to pursue a few more sports.

For me, I would have liked to have played as many athletic events as I could have, as long as I didn’t hurt my school work.

Pursuing a different sport might give a student a chance to grow. Some might not try out, for fear of not making the team. There are some who want to play, to perhaps try to fit in. In terms of conditioning during the summer, some kids want to go on vacation with their whole family, but won’t. They will be afraid of disappointing the coach because they didn’t participate in summer outings that are set up for athletes to prep for fall sports.

Some may assume coaches don’t give athletes a chance because they don’t participate in summer training. That’s not a fair assumption, along with kids that go to church camps. As long as you tell the coaches when you need to miss because of vacations and camps, they will do the right thing as long as you tell the truth. And expect to make it up.

Remember to get your physical and fill out appropriate paperwork. Please don’t go to the first practice and tell the coach you haven’t gotten your physical. Everyone knows by now to have it, and if you forget, I’m sure you will be in the dog-house.

Lynne and I went to Virginia over the weekend to see our granddaughter who was turning 14. We didn’t want to miss it, as she will be heading into high school. A trip that usually takes us six to six-and-one-half hours took close to10 hours as we were in the middle of the Paw Paw downpour. We waited it out about 20 minutes at a gas station, because of visability.

When heading out from the gas station, there were a lot of debris on the roads as well as rocks and tree branches here and there. We just went by the turn-off that would take you to Berkeley Springs and had to turn around because there was a car sideways blocking the road and the road was then closed.

After turning around, we thought we would try to go down to Berkeley Springs. Bad idea. We got a few miles down the road when I got to a place where I wouldn’t try to go through. While just sitting there, a man from behind us walked down and walked across what I wouldn’t go through. I told Lynne there is no way I could try to help him if he would be taken by the water.

The guy made it to the other side and came back, and he said I wouldn’t try to go through there if I was you. Then a madman took his big four-wheel truck and zoomed through. He could go no farther and was stuck in the middle and had to wait it out, so dumb.

We turned around and got back to Paw Paw, went back into Cumberland and took interstate the rest of the way.

After our nice visit, we started back, and I thought I would go back and see all the damage the water did. We didn’t get very far, because they had the road closed close to where we turned off and went through Berkeley Springs.

It was the first time I have been at the front line of flood, and it was everything I would have thought it would be. It was as scary as I would have thought it would be, but when guys with big trucks go through the high water, as well as guys walking through it, I knew there was some die-hard that thought, nothing is going to happen to me. It didn’t this time, but what about the next time?