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From My View For May 2

By Staff | May 3, 2018

Photo by Bruce Crawford Hundred’s Little League team gathers April 21 for opening day festivities.

From my view, I have a lot on my mind and plate right now, but I know that it will be alright. I’m contemplating full retirement, maybe working part-time, or just holding on until I’ve really had enough of getting up each day and doing a job I think I do fairly well.

But, with that in mind, my first view is Hundred High School baseball. I wasn’t there, but last week the Ron Dennis-led Hornets won their first high school varsity game in a few years against Clay-Battelle.

I have mixed feelings about that.

You see, Clay-Battelle has been a friendly face to Hundred High School these past two years. After a major flood wiped out the Hornets’ Cosgray Field and pretty much the whole town, the Cee-Bee community opened their facility to Hundred. The Hornets could practice and play all their home games at Clay-Battelle High School – one of the best Class A fields in the state, along with many Class-AA, and AAA schools as well.

Not only did the Cee-Bees give the Hornets a place to call home for the football season, they also let the baseball team do it as well, until they get their Field of Dreams ready to play on. (Well, that will be another story in the early future, by itself.)

I chatted with Coach Dennis early in the season, and talking to him, I thought I was talking to Dave Cisar. Coach Dennis is very knowledgeable about the game of baseball, as is Coach Cisar. I enjoyed the conversation greatly.

He knew his young team would not be a team that would come out and score a lot of runs and hold other teams in check. He wanted to build a team and teach his athletes the basic skills that baseball players need – not only offensively and defensively. He wanted his team to understand the game and how he wanted his players to act on the field and off.

He has calmly kept his composure and has started to mold his team into winning games. Not only on the field, but in the dugout – as well as out there in the real world, too.

The team has taken their share of losses, and now they are seeing the results, perhaps earlier than Coach Dennis expected.

He first got the TEAM new home and away uniforms, as well as equipment to work with. Besides the Paden City baseball uniforms, I think the Hornets’ new look is simply amazing.

It has taken some time, but now the boys must keep learning and put their knowledge to work. The biggest obstacle was to get the kids to come to practice.

I always wanted to be present when they got their first victory, but From My View, I did. I wish it was another team besides Clay-Battelle, but in my view, it was the perfect team.

But now it’s contagious, as many Hundred and area residents have stepped up to the plate and have hit a home runs themselves.

Baseball is America’s past-time, and this area has done a remarkable job in having baseball alive and well in the town of Hundred once more. People like Cindy Parson, Jason Sleeth and Chip Goff have the town of Hundred buzzing with their Little League opening day. What a day! I wasn’t there, but From My View, I was – with the help of the photos from Carmen Williams.

With the many people present during the Little League Opening Day, people in Hundred would have thought that the late Tootie Smith was back from the dead and got the ball park in tip-top shape.

Tootie was a friend of mine, and many others, in New Martinsville and Paden City. Without a nudge, he would routinely work on the ball fields and paint the fields to get them ready for Little League Baseball.

Hundred has had some bad luck the past several years, especially last year with the flood destroying most of the town. What the bad times didn’t do was take away the heart of the town. Hundred is flying high right now, and I hope it doesn’t stop. However, with that being said, they still need help. Don’t give up on them now that they have started to win. They still have many things to do, and believe or not, they aren’t Superman. They still need donations, as well as help keeping the ballfields in tip-top shape.

They will hopefully, soon, have their field of dreams, just outside the city limits. They will need, more than ever, folks to rise and give them a hand.

We need to keep our youth in our small towns, and what is the best thing a town could have? A park and a place where children can play, and not have to leave to do so.

This Saturday, the New Martinsville Little League will have its Opening Day at Bruce Park, starting with a parade in downtown New Martinsville and ending at Bruce Park for the Opening Day first pitch.

Later, the Hundred Little League is having a Fan Appreciation Day on Saturday, May 12. Festivities begin at noon with game at 1 p.m.

All events will be on Cosgray Field. Rain date for the appreciation awards will be May 19. Everyone who has helped or donated in any way to the Hundred Little League team or the field repairs will be acknowledged that day.

Expect special appearances, along with door prizes, giveaways, good food, and a battle between the Farmington Red Ream and the Hundred Hornets.

The baseball team and parents are so appreciative of the little community and their dedication to the youth of the area. This is a small way for them to acknowledge the generously of many.