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Spotlight On Brody Cartwright

By Staff | Mar 28, 2018

Brody Cartwright

This week, the Wetzel Chronicle caught up with Magnolia athlete Brody Cartwright. We asked him a few questions, so his fans have the opportunity to get to know him better. Check out his answers below:

What do you want people to know about you, that most people didn’t know? I like Baseball as much as Wrestling.

What is your favorite TV show?

Enjoy watching hunting and fishing channels.

Who do you think you think you look like, or who look like you?

People say I look like my mother. She was an excellent volleyball player in Wisconsin.

If you could go back in time who would you want to hang out with?

My Grandfather.

If you could have one person be able to sing the National Anthem, who would you choose?

George Strait.

In the same scale, what would you rate yourself as a dancer, and what song would you dance to?

A 7, and I would dance to Cotton Eye Joe.

What is your favorite thing to do when you get ready for a game?

Listen to music and then go pass with someone.

With one year left, what is there left to accomplish in sports?

Play in the state baseball title game.

What do you like to do when your not playing sports?

Weight-lifting, fishing and spending time with the Brill family in my spare time.