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From My View For March 7

By Staff | Mar 7, 2018

I had the honor last Monday of watching (on tv) my youngest son Jeremy participate in the Price Is Right in California. He was the second contestant to be called and the third one to win a prize.

He got a pair of cell-phones, guessing how much they were worth; he moved on to have a chance at a car and won six more gifts. He then had to decide to change his numbers around on how much the car was worth; then Drew Carey asked him if he wanted to see if the numbers were right so that he could win the car and all the other six prizes, or just go ahead and take the prizes, as well as the cell phones.

The six prizes were nice, but I can tell you he went for the car, so if he won he could sell it and pay off some of his student loans. It didn’t happen and the numbers were off and he didn’t win; he still got a pair of new cell phones.

Afterward, he got to spin for a chance for the bigger prizes; as the wheel started to slow down, it looked like he was going to be in the finale, but it just went a little too far.

He was happy; he got to be on TV where he hopes to be weekly some day on a TV series, and or more commercials. He thought Drew Carey was a great host and talked with him a great deal.

Lynne and I had tickets to go to when we went to Los Angeles to see him in his show, The Heart Of Robin Hood. However, he only had one day off, and we wanted to spend it with him and his lovely bride Janine. Or that could have been me on TV!

Either way, it was a fun thing to watch. The show also showed Janine in the stands, urging him to go for the car.

I think he went at this time to let Janine see the show live, and if he or she got on the show, that was icing on the cake. The gentleman that went to the end won both showcases and won over $65, 000 worth of gifts, including two new cars.

Now that its March, I must say Happy Anniversary to my wife Lynne of 44 years, and her 64th birthday too, while I’m a month away before catching up with her.

Anyway it’s been a great 44 year – three wonderful boys with three lovely daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren, I couldn’t be any happier. God has blessed us more than we deserve.

With the state girls basketball championship coming this week, and the boys next week, I’m truly excited for the spring sports to headline our paper. I’m sad that there are still people out in the community that feel that the school across the river shouldn’t be in our paper, as well as heading it this past winter.

They buy our papers, and we cover from Clarington to Sardis, in Ohio and out entire Wetzel County. Do we hear people complain about Paden City being in both the Tyler Star and Wetzel Chronicle? Yes, but not as much. To be honest, River just had a better year so far. Their team went undefeated, as well as their boys and girls basketball team doing just as good.

Really, I try very hard to cover all my five schools equally. If your TEAM is having a better season, we promote them with longer stories; it’s hard to write a story that teams aren’t doing quite as well. They have been great to get things in the paper. We still have teams that still only send in stats if they do well and win.

When I heard this last complaint, I was shocked. I really was. I have covered and covered this team over and over again, but it seems we can’t please everyone. I will continue to cover all my five schools as equally as I can. If one team is having a better year, so be it.

I suppose we should be happy we have a small newspaper that covers the schools that we cover. I know it’s only a minority that complains, but I take it personal, sometimes trying to keep all teams in the paper, and it’s a slap in the face when people want more and to give their team and school more press coverage.

I’m happy to say I have two of my 10 high school teams still playing basketball. The Lady Eagles beat a very good Cameron team, and the Pilot boys team beat a solid Tuscarawas Central Catholic team to move on.

No. 6 seed Magnolia seed will play Thursday against No. 3 seed Tucker County in the WVSSAC Class-A tournament in Charleston at 9 a.m., while the Pilots will have played Tuesday for the District IV Co-Championship with highlights and pictures coming in next weeks paper.