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From My View For Dec. 13

By Staff | Dec 13, 2017

It’s good to be back from a short vacation. After a very nice Christmas reunion dinner and social time with my buddies – that I had the pleasure to work with for 27 years from Quarto #4 – in Clarington, Lynne and I went straight to Pittsburgh Airport to catch a ride to Los Angeles to see my son in the Heart Of Robin Hood.

We didn’t get to be a contestant on The Price of Right, but we did see the sights the best we could, and enjoyed the scenery and warmer weather. But we saw as much in one day by foot than most people would see in their lifetime.

It would take a long time to tell you all the things we saw, but in a nutshell, we loved the visit and saw more Black Suits in one day than I have seen in my 63 years, but give me the hills of West Virginia anyday.

After seeing the sights, we saw our son’s show in a very nice Wells Theater. We had awesome seats and were able to get close to the action.

After the show, we got ready to leave and got a ride back to Pittsburgh the next afternoon. We arrived in Pittsburgh at about 10 p.m. We then drove six hours to Virginia to watch our eldest granddaughter Tianna sing in a Christmas show at her school.

We got to see and hear a nice show of seven and eighth graders sing Christmas songs. “Where has the time went?” I thought it was only a few years ago she was a small and lovely little girl, and now she is a teenager, going to be in high school next year.

After a short visit, we headed back to the hills of West Virginia and settled down to get to sleep. Lynne had to get up early and go to work, while I got up later and went to church. I then went to work to start cramming, to get all my stories written. I got a lot done, but had to finish what I could before deadline Monday afternoon.

I’m sure my index fingers, along with a few others, will be a little sore, but I think I’ll live. However, I got to see the ending of the West Virginia and Pittsburgh game on Saturday, and I turned the channel for a bit and saw the last minutes of the Steelers and Ravens game. I miss not watching pro football, but sneaked just a peak to see a great ending.

In the next week’s paper, there should be a lot more sports to write about; I just crammed what I could with what little statistics I had, but I hope next week will be better.

I want to congratulate Brooks Parsons for making WVSSAC Class-A All-State First Team, and all the others that have made it too. I’m not real big in all the accolades and think there are others that are very deserving, but may not get recognized. However, the All-State selections are voted on by the sports writers.

So, if we don’t get kids in that are deserving, we are to blame. However, if coaches don’t send in stats, so we can get other sports writers to vote for our kids, we probably are not going to get them in.

It looks like the Paden City wrestling team is doing pretty well so far in their first season, while Magnolia has yet to wrestle. We also have archery at Magnolia, and we will have their preview – as well as the Magnolia wrestling squad – in for next week.

I haven’t had the time to get our Athlete of the Week, but we should get them in next week. Please help. If you think someone is worthy of consideration, give me a ring. Sometimes I don’t get all the stats needed for this special award.