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From My View For Nov. 29

By Staff | Nov 29, 2017

Bruce, Jeremy, and Lynne Crawford

In a few days Lynne and I will be heading to Los Angles to watch our son Jeremy play Little John in The Heart of Robin Hood. Jeremy

always wanted to be an actor since he was in third grade, when he played an old

man at New Martinsville School Kaleidoscope.

He has always been the underdog, from birth to the present. His doctors told us, at his one-year check-up, that they all believed he wouldn’t live to one-year-old. They said he had a heart murmur that would hinder him, if he lived past one. They even told us, at his birth, that he was a dwarf. He proved the doctors, from Wheeling to Pittsburgh, wrong, in all that they said about him.

They said that he was going to be small, but he wasn’t a dwarf. Yet, it wouldn’t have made any difference to us anyway – we were going to love him, whatever he was. He had numerous doctor visits to Pittsburgh during his youth. He was a fighter. With the help of Lynne, and my sister – Sheila Estep, and my sister in-law – Barbie Yeager, he took his first steps.

Being short all his life, Jeremy was told he couldn’t do this or do that.

Lynne had a positive role into what he has become – a fighter, and a good one.

Jeremy is a gamer, just like his mother. Like Lynne, Jeremy works hard in everything he does. He has been cast in hundrds of plays and short stories, as well as commercials.

He has been told he can’t do a lot of things, but with the help of his mother, he has achieved so much, and even strives to the next level. Lynne and I are so blessed that he has had a goal, and he has fulfilled his goal – to be a professional actor. This is why I have used this story – as a tool for kids who have difficulties in trying out for sports or a job, because of a handicap. Use my son as an example. He was told he would never walk, or even live to be one-year-old. He showed all the doubters; he played basketball, baseball, wrestling and soccer in school. In high school soccer – where he was a four-year starter – he became a captain and a defensive MVP for the Blue Eagles. He also went to Regionals in Wrestling. soccer in high school where he became a captain and a defensive MVP for the Blue Eagles, and also went to the regionals in wrestling, I’ve seen people with no legs, finish a race. I’ve seen a girl, who couldn’t hear, sing and play music; a man with one arm, shovel coal and do things, that most people with no problems at all, wouldn’t even try to do; as well as a girl with only one leg, do things that people with two legs wouldn’t even try.

You can do anything you want to do, if you would only try. My wife, when she was in her late 40,s went to college to be a nurse. She went as far to get her bachelor’s degree to boot.

I was a coal miner for 27 years, but when the mine closed, I became a sports writer. I helped write Magnolia’s 100 years of football book as well! (I did have some help in putting it all together.) Being only a C-student in high school – and a coal miner all those years – I don’t think that I would’ve ever considered being a sports writer, if I didn’t believe in myself.

So you see – if my son, my wife, and I, can achieve our dreams – you can too.

You must put in the effort, and try new things.

You will never know if you can do something, if you don’t even try.

If you are a local team – that people say will never win a game – prove the naysayers wrong. Show them all! Work hard, and commit. You can do it, but you need to work hard to achieve any goal you might partake.

With Thanksgiving Day out of the way, let us not forget our Lord, for all that we have. If we don’t have Him in our lives, we don’t have anything.

I’m thankful for my wife of 43 years, my three sons and their wonderful wives, as well as my grandchildren. I’m thankful for my mother, Darlene, and my sister Sheila (and her husband Dale), who are taking care of her. I am also thankful for my brother Bob, as well as all of his family. I’m also thankful for my Church family at Steelton Church of Christ, as well in Fredricksburg, Va. but, I also am thankful for all my many sports readers I have at the Wetzel Chronicle, as well as all the past, present and future workmates, that I have had the pleasure to have worked with.

And of course you guys, that I have had the pleasure of writing stories for. I hope, before I retire, I can truly say it was just as good for me to have had the opportunity to give back, in some sort of way.