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Local Organization To Combat Drug Abuse

By Staff | Nov 1, 2017

Area resident John Dyer has quite the road ahead of him. He’s taken it upon himself to build an organization to combat the area’s drug abuse epidemic.

Yet, Dyer seems unphased by the task ahead of him; furthermore, the name of the organization is simple: Take Action. The name is based on “what it takes to get things done.”

Take Action will be faith-based, and one of its current tasks is to get each and every area church to unite for the cause. This can be done through one common avenue: prayer.

Take Action pleads for churches to put denominational differences aside and to “become a spiritual army that is one mind and one accord, taking back what satan has stolen from us.”

A quick peruse through the phone book will show that there are more than 40 different churches in the area. Dyer believes that just a few people within each church, praying for a solution to the drug problem, would make a monumental difference. Prayer could be organized so that it is “constant prayer, around the clock.”

“We could use prayer as a weapon,” Dyer said, saying he believes that God will respond to this constant, dedicated prayer.

A future goal is the establishment of a halfway house in the area, a place for drug addicts to “learn to survive.” Currently, Take Action is in search of various persons: pastors, lawyers, bankers, sponsors, grant writers, researchers, reporters, photographers, advertising specialist, child care overseer and specialist, and several directors (website, witnessing, crisis, drama, music, witnessing, security, and drug prevention).

Dyer said he is in the process of registering Take Action as a non-profit, a 501c3. He has been working on the organization for the more than a year.

So far, the prosecuting attorney and Attorney General have assisted him with his endeavor. Also, the secretary of state’s office has assisted in filing Take Action with the state.

Those who wish to further assist Dyer with his endeavor are encouraged to e-mail him at takeactionorganization7@yahoo.com, or call him at 740-624-6031. A website for Take Action is also in the early planning stages.

“Community involvement would enhance our unified effort to change the course of this community’s suffering. Let’s not let another loved one die or go unhelped,” says Take Action’s Mission Statement.

“I know there is an answer,” Dyer added. “I hope that’s where we are.”