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From My View For Oct. 11

By Staff | Oct 11, 2017

Now that summer and spring is over, we now get to have our fall and winter before going through it all again.

We got to have our summer vacations, and enjoy our summer sports – like little league baseball and softball. Then we headed right into fall sports, such as football, volleyball, cross country, golf, and boys and girls soccer.

With the fall golf season almost over this week, as well as cross country in the next week or so, we will get into the backend of soccer in its sectionals, regional and state competitions. The same goes with volleyball, and then football will conclude the fall sports. We then look forward to winter sports – basketball and wrestling, along with cheerleading.

It doesn’t look like we will get many of our football teams into the playoffs, with the exception of the Valley Lumberjacks and River.

But I’m going to focus on the winter sports in this column. They haven’t started yet, but those who are not playing in the fall sports: you will need to get their physicals before the winter sports season starts. If you wait, you might see yourself in the hot seat with your coaches.

Let’s head into the winter sports season with an open mind, and dream of going having a productive season, better yet – a state berth. Let’s dream the impossible dream: not having any types of drama. Let’s us all have on our Bucket List – nothing but positive stuff.

Every team will start undefeated, and will look to begin the season on an even ground with all the other teams.

We will have our Athlete Of The Week once more, and we look to expand it further. Instead of only Wetzel Chronicle staff selecting our winner, we will let our readers help in the selections. Sometimes a coach will not send in statistics, and some local athletes don’t get recognized for their achievements.

A deadline of Saturday will be used. You will have until the end of day on Saturday to nominate a player. To nominate a playe,r you must give the reason why he or she was nominated. If its a basketball player, we need to have the stats showing what he or she did. There is a lot more than scoring that will be used. We will also use as a factor stats such as rebounds, assists and steals in basketball. In wrestling, its all about winning, by pin or by points.

Again, I have five high schools that I cover in boys and girls basketball, and only two that have wrestling. I will still need help getting stats, and pictures.

I always like this time of year for sports. I like basketball most of all, but wrestling has picked up a little in my job, and I want to give those athletes as much attention as I can.

The only thing I don’t care much about is all the crying about the officiating – how they cheat, and don’t get the calls right. They are human, and of course they don’t always get it right. However, they don’t miss or call a foul because they want too.

It really is hard, even with three set of eyes, refereeing the game. If you can consider 10 players on the floor, running and jumping. Then you have to consider the coach yelling, along with hundreds of fans and cheerleaders cheering… as well as making sure the table gets everything right too. It’s hard, so let’s this once put ourselves in teh referees’ places. Maybe we won’t be as bad toward them, and the players and coaches.

You see, there are three teams out there on the floor, and on the mat. Give all of them a break and just enjoy the games. Let the kids play, the coaches coach, and the referees, referee.