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From My View For Aug. 9

By Staff | Aug 9, 2017

While on vacation in Tennessee, I checked social media on Facebook and saw there was a flood that hit Hundred, Littleton and the Pine Grove area.

It hurt seeing all the pictures that were on Facebook. I was distraught seeing the pictures of the Hundred football field. After seeing all the work that was done to get the field ready for football this season, I was very sad, but I knew there was many people that would work tirelessly in getting the field back in shape for the season.

However, I didn’t know there was another gusher that would do it all over again when I got back, and I was praying that nobody was killed or seriously injured in the flood.

I soon found out my prayers were answered, that there were no fatalities or serious injuries, and I was happy about that. But, I wasn’t happy when I saw the damage firsthand, and I started to pray for people to come together and help. Well, my prayers were answered when I got home. Many, many people from all over the area have come to their rescue and have helped in many ways.

I won’t name names, because I know I will leave some out. Most don’t want to be in the limelight, and they just want to help in anyway to help their neighbors and friends in need.

However, if you want to still help – because it will take a long time to clean-up – contact Chipper Goff at 304-365-9700. He is the public relations coordinator for the disaster at Hundred and Littleton.

Monetary gifts may go to the Union Bank.

There is also a need for personal equipment for the football players, and the United Methodist Church in Littleton is also helping the flood victims. I believe you can contact them at 304-775-5221.

But let’s not forget there are a lot more hurting than Hundred and Littleton. Pine Grove was also hit, as well as other places. Do what you can to help.

And let’s remember that Hundred lost its football season a couple years ago because of the lack of participants, but has worked really hard to get it back last season and had more than 30 to start the season. With only 19 out this year, we must do our best to encourage our youth out there to participate.

When the flood damage is all cleaned up – and they get their new bleachers and press box – let’s get out their and give these kids some love. But let’s not forget they also have band members and cheerleaders also hit hard by the flood. Let’s give them the encouragement to go on, get back to business, and play some good old-fashioned football.

But, as I write this column, I forgot to mention all the businesses that was also hurt by the flood. Let’s help pick them up as well. Instead of going out of the way to travel up and down the river, let’s also give some love back to the Hundred community as well.