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From My View For July 26

By Staff | Jul 26, 2017

After losing its football season in 2014 due to a low turnout, and playing a junior varsity schedule in 2015, the Hundred Hornets turned things around in 2016 with more than 30 boys participating.

It’s worth noting, however, that former Hundred head coach Greg Hostetler, and newly hired head coach, Shayne Minor, went out and got some boys to come out to field a team.

With that out of the way, the Wetzel County Board Of Education has stepped up to the plate and bought Cosgray Field from the town of Hundred.

The board has helped by giving the Hornets a new and much improved weight room last year and a new looking complex this season.

With the board of education firmly on the Hornets’ side, showing that it cares very much for their students at Hundred and will give them everything they need, the team will look to break a 38-game varsity losing streak in 2017. The board of education has hired Davis Athletics of Parkersburg to do the upgrades. Davis Athletics has tore down and taken away all the bleachers and the press box.

Once the workers get the drainage fixed, due to the water coming off the hill, and to flow out of harm’s way, they will put in a new press box and new bleachers on the hillside of the stadium. This will give the players a lot more room on the sidelines, and will then be ready to bring on the Friday Night Lights.

However, that is not all that will be done.

The board of education wants the Hundred football facility to be just as nice as Paden City, Magnolia and the Valley football fields, and will keep working and improving the field in the coming years. It will play major factor in getting the community support back, knowing that the board of education is on board.

The Wetzel County Board of Education has always wanted to do stuff, but they couldn’t put all this in without owning the field. Now that they own the field, they have pledged to keep getting the field better.

This is only one phase of improving the field; the other phases look to possibly be improving the field house as well as the visitors, locker rooms. With other possibilities looming as to what can be done for the softball and baseball teams. But, for now, it is up to the students and the community to see if football is to be played in Hundred this year. The students must still come out to field a team, and show some pride for their school, and for themselves.

For now, winning will have to wait for Minor and assistant coach, Corey Kimble. Once the kids come out to play, they will find themselves teaching the game of football because there still isn’t a feeder program in Long

Drain and Short Line schools. It will also mean a lot to give the kids a big boost in confidence, if they can get that monkey off their back and stop the losing streak, and start a winning streak. But they know it will take time and patience. And, of course, I know they want to win, but first they must prepare their players on how to win. They will have to work and dedicate themselves at practice and in the classroom. Winning does not come easy, but can happen with the help of the community and the board of education doing and giving the kids what they need to win, not just on the field, but life.

The kids at Hundred are so used to losing that they just come to accept it, but I tell you that all the previous Hornet coaches have tried to instill to their heads: Don’t give up. Do your absolute best at whatever you do, whether it be in school or on the football field. Be the best person you can be. If you give 100 percent and you’re doing your very best, what else could be asked of you? Now the kids and the community can see that the board of education is giving Hundred all the tools they need to get started in the right direction. It will be nice to see the Hundred field jam-packed, and I hope that the community comes out and lends support. I know, from past several seasons, that the coaches’ hands were tied in what they could do and what they couldn’t do. The kids must come out and give it their all, and come to practice (where you get better) instead of doing their chores so they can ride their ATV and play with their gadgets. I know that when you’re already short-handed in numbers, and someone doesn’t come to practice, you are not helping the team and you’re not helping yourself. Do you think, after you get out of school, businesses will hire you if you miss work? Better think twice. Businesses hire dedicated individuals.

I heard that Coach Minor and Kimble were going to do their best in teaching their players things that will help them, not just on the football field, but helping them become better people – better people in public, better people at home, respect, self-discipline – things they’ll carry on with them.

Hundred’s closest game last year was a 39-22 setback at Hannan, a team that’s set to buzz down through town on Sept. 15. Let’s see banners and signs along the road, not just on that game – but every home game. Encourage these kids to do their very best and show them that we care. I know I care – not just Hundred’s football team, but for all their sports.

Let’s get the town buzzing again. I hope this column gets everybody pumped up out there in Hundred. Don’t just show up, but get involved as well. The team will need help in many different areas too – concessions, selling raffles and having a solid booster club that will make this thing work. Try having lunches for the team, and let’s see some tail-gating at the games, along with signs, signs and more signs.

In closing, I want you to understand it hasn’t been your coaches’ fault that you haven’t won a lot of games in Hundred. They have tried, and they can only do so much. Now is the time to get on board and help with whatever they need. If your son or daughter commits to play, make sure they go to practice. Don’t give them a way out.

And remember: Most of the fall sport teams begin practice July 31, so let’s make sure everyone has had their vacations and have their kids physical exams done.