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From My View For July 19

By Staff | Jul 19, 2017

I just got back from a few days off to check out Noah’s Ark and the Creation Museum in Kentucky, and it was everything and more. There was more than I can report on, but I will try to give you a basic description of both, the best I can. Lynne and I went along with my eldest son Greg and his family, along with (Santa and Mrs. Claus) – my son’s father-in-law and mother in-law.

After a nice five-hour drive to get there, we went to the Creation Museum the next morning. The front of the museum was gorgeous, and it felt good just being in the lobby. There were dinosaurs of all kinds, along with different flowers and such to make you fell at peace with yourself.

The Creation Museum shows the theories of the origins of life, and illustrates the stories and ideas in the Bible through over many exhibits, including a petting zoo, a dragon theater and a planetarium.

The history of the Bible vividly comes to life as we entered a Time Tunnel, beginning our walk through Biblical history. We encountered a realistic Garden of Eden. It was breathtaking, just being in the Garden with all the animals, bugs and flowers. It just gave us chills. It was awesome in itself, and when they added Adam and Eve in the middle, it was amazing. There was a life-like Noah a little later, as we continued our journey.

The museum had a theater, along with a planetarium, a petting zoo, nature trails, and more. The Creation Museum showed all God’s Word, rather than man’s flawed assumptions. The Creation Museum is a place to go if you believe, and even if you don’t, you will not be disappointed at all.

Afterward, we relaxed until around five, when we made our way to the Ark Encounter. Once we got within about one-half mile of the Ark, the view was something to behold. There were many people in attendance already, but at 5:30 p.m., the time was perfect to be there. It was huge, just to look up and stand beside the Ark. It dwarfed us. We then started our journey, and there were not too many people at the start, as most of the people were already into the Ark.

After walking a good ways, we entered the back end of the Ark to start our journey. The Ark is 510-feet long, 85-feet wide, and 51-feet high, constructed based on dimensions derived from scripture of the Bible, so it was going to be a very long evening for us to walk.

There were many different types of things to help get you on your way, for the people that are handicapped or older, for those that might need some help get through the tour.

As we toured the Ark, we quickly noticed in the brochure, there were three exhibits in one. The Ark is a massive exhibit in itself, that takes your breath away, simply by its size.

The incredible craftsmanship throughout, to me, is an exhibit in itself too.

There were three decks in the Ark, with each having many exhibits, as well as cages holding the animals, food and water. To see how we can build such a thing today, with all the tools at our disposal, and then to realize that back in the day when Noah’s family built it…. it must’ve been hard.

But knowing it can be done, and was done, was breath-taking. Seeing first-hand, on how huge the beams were, and the thought of putting it all together, was simply amazing. On the first deck, the smaller animals were in their cages. It showed how they might have stored their food and water, while also showing how the droppings might have been handled.

The second deck is where the main door was. The door didn’t look that big from the outside, but when you got up close, it was huge enough to get the bigger animals in and out once the flood ended. Exhibits showed how Noah and his family maintained and cared for the many animals.

On the third deck, we roamed the living quarters and then discovered the impact the flood had on the world.

Of course most of the animals were caged. They also, of course, had restrooms on all three decks, along with benches to sit and take a break. They also shared short stories about how it might have been. Also on deck three, we learned about the trustworthiness of the Bible and its history.

I know this has nothing to do about sports, but I thought that if you really believe – and even if you don’t – these two places you need to go see. It’s a nice drive, that only takes about four-and-one-half to five hours to from New Martinsville.

I really want to go back, spend more time at each exhibit, and watch all the short clips that were available to sit and watch on a theater-type screen. The Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum are very interesting. The Ark is very close to Genesis in the Bible. Go take a look; don’t take my word for it. You will not be disappointed.

Next week, we will be starting the fall sports season – the upcoming season – and I can start talking about football, volleyball, girls and boys soccer, as well as golf and cross country.

And if you read all about our short vacation trip, thank you very much. I truly liked it, and I wish you all can make the trip to Kentucky, to see it first hand.