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Youths Growing Up and Making a Difference

By Staff | Jul 5, 2017

Photo Provided Former MHS graduate Cameron Archer (red) tries to beat fellow graduates Joe Ledergerber and Derrick Blain, as they take off after the soccer ball.

Last year, a couple Blue Eagles boys – Cameron Archer and Derrick Blain – got together and discussed the need to do something productive over their summer break.

Archer played on the boys’ soccer team and Blain was a baseball and basketball player. They both, along with several others, played soccer approximately two times a week at the Marina. It was a fun, productive thing to do.

The boys ended up getting their heads together – they were both honor students! – and came up with the idea to start a soccer summer league. They accessed Twitter and announced their plan, maintaining they would play soccer twice a week at the New Martinsville Marina.

Friends told their friends, who told their friends… Plans were made as to how the league would work. It was Tweeted that the draft would take place in May.

Archer and Blain had 55 guys and gals wanting to have some clean fun. Archer and Blain were captains, as well as Aaron Scheibelhood, Oscar Celedon and Will Sherril. The captains congregated at Cameron’s house to have a draft. After forming the five teams, the captains switched to four teams so no one would have to sit. They equally divided the players to form the four-team league.

The soccer league plays two games a week – one on Tuesday and one on Thursday, with the first game starting at 6 p.m. and the second around 7:15 p.m. The league, dubbed “Marina Soccer League” is represented by its own t-shirt which reads “Hell and High Water, Soccer” with an anchor. Each team has its own color, and names and numbers are on the back of the t-shirt.

The kids just love the game of soccer, and each team bonds well. There is a little from every sport playing. There are guys and gals that played soccer, while other athletes have excelled at football, volleyball, basketball, or golf. Even teachers and coaches are participating in the fun.

Blain and Archer noted that they just wanted to play soccer and have a good time, and since there aren’t any leagues for them to play, they made a league themselves. The duo felt that soccer wasn’t a big pasttime in New Martinsville, so they thought they would give the game a boost and have some fun doing it.

Blain and Archer invite anyone to stop by and watch the game that they love. They play the game like a pick-up game of basketball – call your own fouls. All that is asked is that when a person joins, they keep in mind the commitment: Come and play twice a week, and if you don’t have fun, it’s your own fault.