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From My View For June 21

By Staff | Jun 21, 2017

Last Monday, June 12, was as nice a day that you could have in June. It was near 90 degrees, but it was a nice 90 degrees. The air was cool, and the evening was picture perfect with the cool breeze from the Ohio River.

After going to the doctor’s office, I went and sat with my mother on her front porch with her two dogs, and we just sat there, loving the weather. There was a lot to do, but I just loved sitting with my mother and enjoying life.

It was a beautiful day to walk and checkout the scenery, and all the yardwork that many are doing to spruce up there yards. It was also funny to watch the dogs get excited to see the birds, in front of us, landing on my sister and brother-in-law’s porch.

It was just very entertaining, not doing anything, and just loving life with my mom and two dogs – Price and Missy.

We stayed there for about two-and-a-half hours and talked about life in general, past and present. Mom remembers more about the past and not as much as the present, but the talk was very nice.

That night I sat myself down and proceeded to watch the fifth, and final, game of the NBA finals. It was probably the best game of the finals, and though I wasn’t rooting for either team to win, I believe the better team won the finals.

However, I watched all seven of the hockey finals, and the best team won in that matchup as well. All seven matches were great to watch, and I would love to go to a playoff or final one of these days.

Mom doesn’t care to watch baseball, basketball or hockey, but she loves football, and of course the Black and Gold Steelers. Fast approaching will be football, so you back-seat football enthusiasts, get your Fantasy Football teams ready. May the best person win – as long as it’s your favorite sports writer, yours truly, that wins.

Last season, our editor Lauren Matthews won the league that the Tyler Star News and Wetzel Chronicle put together. She might have a target on her back this year, as Ed, Chad, Zach and yours truly will look to win it all this year. However, this years we have another sports enthusiast among us in Coach Vance Ash. He will be the new ad person for the Tyler Star News.

With football on the horizon, Ed and I will be getting ready for the Football Tab and Fall Sports Schedule Booklet. In the past, we have had success in getting all our area high school football teams’ schedules early; however, sports like golf, cross country, soccer – and middle school schedules – we sometimes don’t get them until the last week before the booklet comes out. I hope we don’t have that problem this year.

Hey, how about our readers helping us with the front page photo for our papers this year. Since I have been here, we have had just about everything football has to offer on our front page. If you have any ideas, send Ed or I a note what you would like to see. Last season we used some of our top athletes walking down the road to success, which we have never done before.

If you have an idea or ideas please let us know. You can contact Ed Parsons at eparsons@

tylerstarnews.com or myself at bcrawford@wetzelchronicle.com. We don’t do photo cropping, so whatever it is, we got to take the picture.

Heading in a different direction, River High School was hopping Monday as the school will be getting another face-lift. It was confirmed that Flannery Field will be adding a turf football field, along with a new press box and seating. Besides that, they will add a building, and a new scoreboard for their baseball field this up-coming season. They started digging up ground. They were already taking down the fences.

I have mixed feelings about that, but I’m on board for anything that will benefit the children at River High School, and I say Congrats; it will be a great day to be a River Pilot, wherever you may be.