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Sports Spotlight Shines On Malone

By Staff | Jun 14, 2017

Teran Malone

This week, the Wetzel Chronicle’s sports department is shining the spotlight on Magnolia’s Teran Malone.

Though, the Chronicle usually spotlights an athlete, this week we are spotlighting the voice of the Magnolia Maniacs, and the guy who reports on the Magnolia Blue Eagles’ sports.

This 15-year-old Magnolia student started out as a freshman doing journalism, worked at Magnolia’s newsletter, and is now the editor of the school’s newsletter, the Eagles Nest.

He loves sports writing and photography and is in charge of is the Magnolia Channel 4 News, which is a televised broadcast throughout Magnolia. He also broadcasts on his Facebook page.

The purpose for the Magnolia Channel 4 News is to inform as many people about what is taking place throughout the day and school week.

Malone received Leadership of the Magnolia News at the end of his freshman year from one of the past graduates, and he has recently received Leadership of the Magnolia Maniacs which is the student section at the athletic events. This position is usually given to a senior student.

The Maniacs’ purpose is to cheer on all Blue Eagle athletes and to raise enthusiasm throughout the school. Malone he hopes the Maniacs will be bigger and better next year.

Malone is also the student yearbook advisor at Magnolia, as well as the school’s photographer. He began yearbook during his sophomore year, and enjoys every moment of it.

“By far it’s an amazing opportunity to learn social skills and make new friends,” said Malone. “I cover a lot of athletic events at the high school for Journalism and Yearbook”.

Another organization that Malone is part of is the Local School Improvement Committee (LSIC). He also serves as the treasurer of his sophomore class, and he sits on the Magnolia Student Council.

Malone has won other awards as well. During his sophomore year he received the Outstanding Academic Achievement award in Journalism and Outstanding Leadership Award in yearbook. He was also nominated this year for the Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership Award.

Malone is a proud six-year member of the Boy Scouts and is a Senior Patrol Leader for Troop 149 in New Martinsville.

This summer, Malone will be working as a Sports Instructor, for six weeks, at a Boy Scout camp in Walker, W.Va., called Camp Kootaga.

Malone stated that he will continue with all the listed activities, and he plans to try out for sports next school year.

Malone plans on choosing a journalism career when he graduates, so he can learn more and have a great time while doing it.