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From My View For June 14

By Staff | Jun 14, 2017

I’m getting a little off sports by writing about National Donut Day, but stay with me a little on this.

Last Friday was National Donut Day all over the world, and I never knew it until I visited my granddaughter Tianna on her birthday.

My son warned me, when he called to find out where I was on my travels, that it was National Donut Day and the girls were going donut shopping after school.

In Fredricksburg, there were four donut shops in the area, and they were going to stop at each one. You see, at one of the donut shops, they were giving a free donut of your choice. At the other three shops, the deal was “Buy one, and get one of your choice.” And, if you bought six, you would get a coupon for six free donuts at a later time. This coupon was good until October.

My granddaughters took advantage of that deal after school, while returning later that day for six more. They had a plan: Instead of having a birthday cake, they were going to have a bunch of donuts that spelled “13.”

You could put whatever you wanted, that they had, on the donuts, including bacon. I thought that putting bacon on donuts was a little too much, but there were many people there getting that topping on their prize.

I guess there are many many National Days for just about anything, and I wish someone could tell us what they all were.

I say, let’s have a “National Bob Hope Day.” I miss Mr. Hope a lot. He. along with Jerry Lewis. were two of my favorite comedians. They both were great comedians, but they both were very good citizens as well.

Besides giving laughter to us, they gave back much, much more.

Jerry Lewis gives and gives when it comes down to Muscular Dystrophy with his marathon on TV, while Bob Hope gave many, many service people hope on his visits all over the world.

I always said there should have been a “Bob Hope Day,” where service people all over the United States have a national day off, with pay, in Bob Hope’s name. There are many National Days off, why not have a Bob Hope Day off? I think that it should happen. But, if it doesn’t, let’s have a National Bob Hope Day in hopes of laughter everywhere. You need laughter, and why not have it.

In other matters, there are many camps coming up, as well as a three-week window when coaches can be with their up-coming athletes. You can pick one, two, orthree of them.

Besides the camps, teams are now reaching out to kids to come participate. Here are a few that has come my way to promote:

The B and K Basketball Camp has been one of the best camps to go to. They teach everything, from how to dribble, shoot, and pass, to competition every day of the camp. They pass out 100s of ribbons and medals for hard work.

Then there are a few new ones out this year. The Magnolia Softball Team is having a softball camp June 26-28, and it looks to be one that girls entering second grade to eighth grade can participate.

There is a tennis camp for boys and girls also entering second to eighth grade at New Martinsville Bruce Park tennis courts June 29-30.

Check out the Wetzel Chronicle’s sports pages for these camps, as well as many others.

Remember, while there are a lot of camps in the horizon, and the fall season is approaching, you must get a physical before you can participate come August when high school and middle school will start football, volleyball, golf, soccer, cross country and cheer-leading practices and try-outs start.

Last but not least, there are other things out side to do besides the many camps, and that is swimming. The new and improved Lewis-Wetzel Swimming Pool is up and running as well as the New Martinsville Parks paddle-boats and Putt-Putt Golf.

The Relay For Life will be coming up soon and that has always been a great thing to participate in, and lets help stomp out the dirty word, CANCER. Join a team or just go walk. We should have the Relay Walk in the near future in our paper.

Besides the Relay For Life walk, there are 5K walk/run events coming soon as well as the Jim Quinet 5K Run/Walk and the Elenore Rocks 5K Run/Walk in Sardis. In addition, you can always go to the Tyler County Speedway and watch some good racing.

To close this column, I’m looking for some great shots of fish caught by our readers. So, if you caught that nice size fish, send a photo in to the Wetzel Chronicle. You can reach me at bcrawford@wetzelchjronicle.com.