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From My View For June 7

By Staff | Jun 7, 2017

To be a teenager once again. The thought of that sounds pretty good for this 63-year-old sports reporter. My oldest granddaughter Tianna hit 13 last Sunday.

The years will go by quickly, and the thought that my sweet Tianna will be a teenager, warms my heart. She is a lovely girl that cares deeply about being a good Christian first in everything she does. I just hope and pray she will continue that throughout her teenage years, and throughout her life.

Being a Christian teenager, I know, is tough, and I hope she will keep her faith throughout her life. There are massive obstacles that she will be faced with, including boys. She will have many choices that she will have to make, and she will need to have a clear objective too.

Being a teenager, with all the stuff that is now going on, will be something that she will be faced with constantly. It gives me the chills.

However, I know that my son Gregory and my daughter-in-law Candace will be there for her.

I don’t know about having a teenage girl, because I had three boys. But, I did coach teenage girls in soccer and basketball, and I know first hand in what girls have to face day in and day out.

The peer pressure that the girls have to face makes me sick at my stomach, knowing what is going to come in the next few years. But, I know she has a good head on her shoulders, and will make wise choices.

I hope she will get herself involved in sports, as it will help her in many ways. Most teenage athletes know that playing sports will help keep yourself out of making bad decisions. Playing sports can also help one to concentrate in keeping up with school work. Tianna did like to play soccer, but now plays lacrosse. Being an athlete not only will keep her active, it will teach her many good things, that will help her down the road.

Playing sportsnot only helps you get the exercise that you need, it also helps your mind stay focused, and that helps you make good choices. Your grades will get better, and you will meet different people. You learn how to be a team player that will help you when you graduate, and look for employment.

Playing sports in high school is very rewarding. Win or lose, you learn. And if sports is not your thing, there is a lot more in high school you can do. Band and being in a choir, as well as theater, are things I can think of personally, and I know there are more. Just stay active, but do something positive in your life.

The thing that bothers me the most about Tianna becoming a teenager is drugs. I know they are out there. Even the best kids cave into the temptations of that evil stuff. Young kids, knowing what it does to them, still try it. Some die and some gets hooked on it. Taking drugs destroy what life you had.

There are many other temptations out there for our young people, besides drugs, and you know what they are.

We want the best for our children and grandchildren, but we must let them grow, and it’s sad that we all grow up sooner than or later.

You kids out there – learn from our mistakes, and one way or another, we will get it right. Besides learning from others, make the right decisions.

There will be loads of sporting events going on throughout the summer, along with conditioning and each school’s three week window the coaches are allowed to be with them. Take advantage of these fine programs. Keep your kids active, but remember to not get yourself in trouble. Think before you act, please.

Summer leagues and tournaments will soon be taking place, so give this sports writer a call. I got an invitation to Short Line Little League that I WILL be attending when I return from Tianna’s birthday. Who is up to the challenge? Now is the time to get your team some headlines and pictures.

Last, but not least, there are many, many vacation bible school classes going on. The church I go to is the Steelton Church of Christ. We are having ours on June 19-23. If you have kids, send them, if not at Steelton, there are many others.