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From My View For May 31

By Staff | May 31, 2017

Timing in sports is so important.

In track, if you don’t get off to a fast start, you probably will not do as great as a guy out of the blocks rather quickly. But, in doing so on the fast start, you sometimes leave a tad early and get disqualified. That is something that happens.

At the WVSSAC state track meet last weekend, our very own Chase Street learned the hard way. In his first state track meet, he was the Region I, 100 meter champion and beat some tough competition that placed in the state meet. Chase took off just a tad early, but was spotted by the officials and was disqualified. I felt so bad for him.

In the same meet, the Eagles dropped the baton in the first hand-off in the 100 meter relay event where they were favored to win, and lost. I felt so bad for them as well. In this type of race, timing is everything. You must run and whip back your arm to snatch the hand-off, and everything is timing and grasping the baton. And I felt real bad for them because they were favored to win.

In baseball and softball, timing is also important. Besides having good fundamentals, you must have great timing on getting a jump to steal a base, set down a bunt at the right moment, and getting your glove up at the right time to catch a ball.

Also, there has to be timing at the plate when batting. If you can get the timing down on a fast pitcher, you will put the ball into play. Then there is the timing when taking a pitcher out because he or she has lost velocity and missing the plate, where a coach might take them out, as well as bringing in a substitution.

Timing in football, as well as in soccer, is also invaluable. When a kid is hurt and you need to substitute, getting that right person to go in is crucial in the winning or losing a game; timing, timing.

The same goes for every sport, including wrestling, volleyball, golf and tennis.

In volleyball, it’s all about timing to hit the ball; you must get the right set at the right place and the spiker at the top of her jump to spike or dink. The same goes for the server; if you don’t hit the ball right, you will most likely hit it in the net.

Timing is very crucial in wrestling. The wrestler needs to have good skills, but when to use them at the right time to make that take-down, or to get out of a hold, timing is everything.

The same goes for soccer, in kicking the ball, and crossing the ball is all timing if you want to score a goal, and it’s even with the goal keeper: should I go out to make a stop or just hope the defense can get to them. Stretching out to knock-away a shot is all timing if the goal-keeper can get to the ball.

The same can be said about timing in tennis. You must hit the ball at the right time to get the ball over the net, as well as hitting a return, it’s all about timing.

Timing at work is also very important. You have a deadline to make to be able to get your stories and pictures in, and timing is everything to me as a sports writer. To get that picture of a player making a perfect behind the back pass, to catching the football, baseball and basketball at the right spot and background. To that story that has to be done at the right time, to be in the right spot at the right time to get that story.

If you the readers know of a story that is sports related that I need to know about, or to be able to write about, give me a ring at work or on Facebook. School will soon be over and there are not that many stories out there, so give me a ring. Also these summer leagues and little league scores and photos, please give me a ring.

It is all about timing, so get out and give me a ring and I will try to be there, but please don’t call at the last moment give me a day or two at the latest.

The last thing is, I’m hoping to do a feel-good story on Hundred’s soon to be new and improved football, baseball and softball field. If there is anyone that would like to get with me of the field from the past and present, please do so. I want stories about everything, and I hope you will get in touch with me soon. I want to have the story completed in a couple of weeks and need the timing to be just right. If I can get names and numbers, I can come out and catch a lot of you in one day.

You can catch Sports Writer Bruce Crawford at 304-455-3300 at work, 304-771-1278 by cell or contact him at bcrawford@wetzelchronicle.com. Or, if you are his friend on Facebook, send him a message!