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From My View For May 10

By Staff | May 10, 2017

With softball finishing up its sectionals, baseball teams starting theirs, tennis finishing up its regionals, and track teams getting ready to start theirs – it’s a good time, as well as a bad time, to be a local sports writer for the Wetzel County area.

It’s so tough to see your teams, that have worked so hard, lose. Then, they must wait until next season to pick up their game and try to do better and win more games. But, it tugs at my heart when its the seniors’ final contest, and they will no longer play for their school.

I’ve seen it for the past 15 years, and it never gets easier. I truly like all my kids that I cover, and I try to catch them, the best that I can, by film so they – as well as their parents, grandparents and friends -can look at them in future years.

It makes me feel good when I get a comment from a parent or family member, thanking me for all the photos that I have taken, and they can see them whenever they want too.

However, I am sad that I can’t take as many at some events, while I’m umpiring and can’t get them out to the people to see and enjoy daily or whenever they want, and I’m sorry for that. However, some coaches don’t call in a scores, or send stats in about a game; then I can’t write about it. It’s very sad that the photos and stories that might have been in the paper, are now not, because the coach either doesn’t want to send information, or is too busy to do it.

The kids, parents, friends and family members can’t cut stories out and make albums for their loved one to cherish. I get very ill knowing it could have been.

Anyway, there is always a winner and a loser, but here in our little newspaper, we feel like the kids are always a winner, and we will do our very best sports pages that we can, with as many photoas for parents and grandparents, to cut out and save.

With Mothers Day just a few days away, I want to wish my mother Darlene McCracken, and my wife Lynne a Happy Mothers Day, as well as all the mothers out there that read or don’t read the sports pages, a warm Mothers Day wish, including the ladies that don’t have children – you deserve a day too; take one and enjoy the day with your spouse, family member or friend.