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From My View For May 3

By Staff | May 3, 2017

Come April, many things come to mind; first it’s a day most Christians come to honor our Lord and Savior’s death and resurrection. I will not go into detail, but I know most of you understand.

Then there is Easter Sunday, when we come together as a family and eat ham and all the trimmings that go along. There is also Easter Egg hunting. Many different places had an Easter Egg Hunt, including one of the largest in the Ohio Valley, at Bruce Park.

I was away celebrating Easter with my son Jeremy in Toronto and his new in-law family, and missed the hunt. However, I heard it was a success. There was many people, besides the Parks and Recreation, that contributed to their success, and they know who they are – thanks.

Many different churches had different festivities going on, and I don’t want to leave anyone out, thank-you, thank-you.

Talking about Easter dinner, we had quite a feast in Toronto; we had salmon and ham, baked ham on the grill with all the many trimmings, including a salad, and quite a selection of deserts.

My son’s in-laws put on quite a meal with a table sitting 13 people, and she was ill and they were just a super host and hostess. The many tales about each other came after supper outside on the back porch, all in good fun. Lynne and I learned a lot on our trip about Canada’s Easter. Its mostly the same, and we enjoyed ourselves greatly.

However, I can’t say the same when we stopped on the Canada side of the Niagara Falls. The trip was okay, excellent weather up and back. But, the man at the border wasn’t very nice, and when we got in downtown Niagara Falls I met a guy that said to me as we were walking to our room, “Did you hear what America did? They used a bomb and killed a lot of people, can’t believe it.” We were on our way to Canada when it happened and didn’t know what happened. After we checked in and put our stuff in the room, we went out exploring and met up with him once more on our way back, and he asked me again if I heard yet. I had my West Virginia sweatshirt on, and people knew that I was from the USA.

When getting to the room for the night, Lynne had the door locked and a chair wedged, so it would be hard for someone to break in. It’s a different feeling that comes over you when you are in a different country, and something bad happens. You don’t know how someone feels, and hope they don’t come after you. (I didn’t wear the shirt the remainder of the days we were over there).

Besides that, everyone was gracious everywhere we went. I spoke good mornings and thank-yous and they all answered back in a positive way. The city of Toronto is huge. There are more people in that city than we have in the state of West Virginia.

The only thing I see that was bad is there was no street parking, and when there was, you paid out big money. The parking lots that they did have was also at a high cost, say $30 for the day. Sometimes you could find parking for $20 but that’s for ball games at that’s cheaper than here at Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates.

The city was green everywhere and that’s good by me. They have pick-up service on all types of recycling, and that is something we all should do as a people, as well as a country.

Anywhere you go you, find things you don’t like or agree on and that’s true there as well as in the USA. We have a great place to live, and I and can’t fathom me living in a big city, if I don’t have to. It’s not for me, but for some it’s what they want; good for them, but not me. I would rather visit and come back to our place of abode.

The spring sports are winding down with playoffs, sectionals, districts, regionals and state championships. I wish every team I cover: Hundred, Magnolia, Paden City, River and Valley, good luck in their endeavors late in the season as well as the seniors who will be playing their last games, meets and matches in the next several weeks before graduation.