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From My View For April 26

By Staff | Apr 26, 2017

Photo Provided Pictured are Bruce Crawford and his son, Jeremy, with the Stanley Cup at the Hall Of Fame building in Toronto Canada.

My son Jeremy took me to the Hockey Hall of Fame during my long weekend Easter trip to Toronto to celebrate my 63rd birthday. It was a memorable day. I like hockey, but I wasn’t one of its biggest fans until now. There is an amazing Hockey Hall Of Fame facility in Toronto, Canada.

Located close to the Raptors and the Toronto Blue Jays stadium, the Hockey Hall Of Fame is just gorgeous inside and out, and has everything a hockey fan would want. The price of admission is very easy on the pocket, but it was sweeter when my son paid it as a birthday gift.

The inside was just huge, and you could get lost rather easily if you didn’t look at the signs to get around. After entering the Hall of Fame, we started to check out all the NHL jerseys, as well as the female hockey jerseys. Every professional hockey team had their jerseys represented, past and present, along with their head gear and all the trimmings.

There was also a locker room with everything that would be in it, which was awesome. Besides the NHL uniforms, all the jerseys were there from the Olympics. The USA was one of the nicest, as well as others from all over the continent. Speaking about all over the continent, they had a wall that showed the world map with a globe to move around to show where every country was; that was real amazing.

We then went upstairs were they had the CUPS on displayed; don’t ask me what CUPS because there was many, but the Stanley Cup was just simply AMAZING. Jeremy and I had our picture with the cup and that was great.

But, after all these things and much more, we ended in a place all hockey fans would want to see and do. They had a place to shoot a puck against an animated hockey goalie, you got to shoot a real puck with a real hockey stick in two areas to get through faster if the place was packed, and it was that day. They also had a place where you dressed as a goalie and a an automated hockey player would try to score against you; that was just as exciting and amazing too. The best part of that and more was free with admission. AWESOME!

The day was topped off with a Sports Center room where you and someone else could announce a game. That was awesome too.

To say I was thrilled, is an understatement. If you are a hockey fan, you must go to Toronto, Canada to see it first-hand; you will not be disappointed. It’s only about six and and a half hours away from New Martinsville. All you would need is a passport, but make sure you fill up your gas tank in your car in Buffalo, before going into Canada, because the cost of gas is outrageous.

Now I must go to see a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game. I have seen the Wheeling Nailers play twice and it was awesome, but when you pick up a NHL game, I’m sure it is more than AWESOME.

I must say I had a great time, in a nice and very clean city.