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From My View For March 29

By Staff | Mar 29, 2017

Now that winter seems to be over, we are now experiencing potholes, potholes, and more potholes, everywhere we from – form the highways to the backroads, and to places of business.

They seem to be everywhere. It couldn’t because of the salt, because we had a mild winter, and salt wasn’t used much. I don’t want to pin-point trucks, but somewhat – yes.

However, I hope we can get the holes filled in and fixed, while we wait on the hotter days to blacktop. Most of the time our local guys do a great service to us on fixing and taking care of the potholes. But, the state has so many places to take care of and not enough workers, drivers and fillers to take care of them, and we have to wait patiently until they do.

I hope they fixed the massive holes and the long stretches of bad road out to Pine Grove first. The people out there are left out in many things besides road work, I just hope the powers-that-be give these poor souls a break now and then.

Besides the potholes, we have still have places that need fixed in our places of business, like the area plazas.

You know, it’s nice when people notice your work and give you a “job well done” once in awhile. Sometimes they give you a raise ,and sometimes they don’t care. I can’t say, because I don’t have a business. But I do want to say thanks to a great guy in Loren Romick that passed away too early in life. He was a great person and a wonderful husband and father. He will be missed.

He was the area photographer for many of our area schools. He more than donated a lot of his pictures he has taken, to the schools and to many many area people.

The first week of baseball and softball, as well as tennis and track, has started throughout our area. The Magnolia and Paden City girls have each played a lot of games as you can tell from this paper. The Lady Eagles have won 5-6 games during the first week of play, losing only when yours truly umpired, when they hosted Wheeling Central.

I don’t see what colors they wear when I umpire, but wish them the best. It helps when I do umpire because I see first hand on their game close up

The girls tennis team hasn’t been able to play a varsity match yet, but their junior varsity team put the whopping on the Linsly Cadets last week.

Again, I cover five schools that all have softball, baseball and track, and one tennis team to cover, and I can’t be around to cover as many games I would like. I very much need help with stats and pictures from all games and matches. If coaches can just take a picture of their score-sheets with their phones and send it to my cell, that would be just awesome.

The Magnolia and Hundred softball teams, as well as the Hornets baseball team, do this without hesitation as soon as the game is over, and I’m thankful so much to them and their scorekeepers.

I enjoy my sports teams very much and wish them the best, and hope they can win every game, but if they don’t, I know its not because they don’t try. Our kids in this area, mostly all, do their very best.

If you haven’t been to a game, meet or match please go when you can. There is a game being played every day, but Sunday here in the Wetzel County area, so look in your schedule booklet we put out, and enjoy.

There is an OVAC All-Star Game being played this Sunday afternoon at Ohio University Eastern (OUE). We have a lot of local players competing, I hope to see you there.