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From My View For March 22.

By Staff | Mar 22, 2017

Photo Provided Lynne and Bruce Crawford celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary at Grand Vue Park.

Well, I did it. I stayed all night in a tree house; as a matter of fact, I stayed two nights.

It was our 43rd wedding anniversary, and I wanted to do something special. I made reservations at Grand Vue Park’s newest addition – tree houses. It was brand new, and the wife and I enjoyed all the accommodations that the park had in the tree-house.

Besides a very comfortable queen size bed, the tree house had a pair of TVs and central heating, as well as an air conditioning when its needed. They also had a wood stove available with plenty of free wood on hand.

In addition was the nice scenery with plenty of deer and red-tail hawks to see from the very large back porch. They had plenty of seats to sit and stare into the woods, along with a hot tub.

Inside, they had everything on hand that you could, or ever would, want, including a stove, refrigerator (with ice-maker), dishwasher and microwave. There were plenty of cups, plates and utensils on hand to make our stay pleasant.

If you are looking for a nice place to get away for relaxation, this is the place.

I missed the Eagles’ regional championship game with Madonna, as well as the River Pilots’ district game, but family comes first and we had people covering it. I heard nothing but good things about our crowd, as well as the players and cheerleaders.

I want to thank my Executive Sports Editor Bubba Kapral for taking my notes and writing the previews for Hundred and Valley, as I didn’t have the time to write them before I left.

In another matter, A little about our student sectional at Magnolia: After looking at all the nice pictures of the student body and our fans, I could tell that the fans played a big role in the Eagles’ outstanding play.

I heard nothing but good things about the MHS fans as well as Madonna’s crowd, that’s awesome to hear. Our cheerleaders are always top notch. They not only get the Magnolia crowd on their feet, they are continuing to dazzle the crowd with their outstanding agility and athleticism. They finally have a break, and don’t have to cheer again this school year. But, knowing our cheerleaders, if they aren’t in a game or meet, they will be at the home games giving their support along with the MHS Maniacs that aren’t playing also.

I’m proud of each one of the players on the team, and on how they fought all season. Playing the teams that they do, and competing to the end, is a testament on the coaching staff.

After losing its entire starting lineup last season, no one gave the Blue Eagle boys team a chance. They lost more than they won this season in the games that they played, but they really won more than they lost, because of how they played, and the experienced they learned along with the desire they have shown all season.

MHS Head Coach Dave Tallman and Assistant Coach Mark Blair have done a great job with what they have. Also Paden City had about the same as Magnolia, by losing three very good starters. PCHS Head Coach Fred King and Assistant Coach Trey Meeks did a superb job in winning the games that they did, with only two of their players doing the bulk of their scoring, great job coaches.

I don’t have to ask, because I know from these four coaches it was the team, not the them. I concur, but the coaches still have to have a game-plan, and put the players on the floor to carry out their game-plan.

The Wildcats will lose seniors Hayden Hizer and Aaron Heasley, while Magnolia will lose starters Tyler Williamson, Jake Fruner and Nick Priem, along with Peau Halahingano and Austin Adams off the bench.

With the basketball teams finished, we will be starting baseball, softball, tennis and track contests with games pretty much every day somewhere. If the teams don’t get in the paper, its probably because I didn’t get any stats. So parents, please help me out, and remind the coaches to send them.

I will do my best in getting to games, but I will be umping softball games a few days a week and will miss out in some. So I will need help. Next week, we have games being played every day – except on Sunday – and will be busy the rest of the month, and next month too if the weather cooperates, and that’s only counting the home contests.

After watching a few of our teams practice, it looks like the spring sports are going to be very competitive this year.

I’m not really up for predictions, but I believe we have something special will happen this season, in quite a few sport teams.

We will still have Players of the Week and will need as much information as possible to select them. And, again if I don’t get statistics, and a player on the team did well, I really don’t know unless I was there. So make sure our coaches send them in.

I will also be in the lookout for Fans of the Week too, so get out there and support our county teams, as well as the River Pilots.