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From My View For March 1

By Staff | Mar 1, 2017

I attended the Hundred High School Donkey Basketball Game last week and had a very good time. The high school gymnasium was full of people watching fellow classmates, teachers and alumni riding a donkey, to try to score a basket.

They had four teams playing: HHS juniors, HHS seniors, school faculty, and alumni.

There was fun for all ages, and laughter everywhere. Most had a hard time getting their mules to move, and tugged at them to move. Some wouldn’t move at all, and sometimes the animal just didn’t want to go where their riders want to go.

The riders had a very good time, as well as the spectators. However, it was the announcer (Chippy Wild Goff) that kept everyone at the edge of their seats with his antidotes, as well as play-by-play announcing, with many crazy names that fit the situation perfectly.

The school made a lot of money, and all had fun to boot. Their was also a couple youngsters that was on hand at half-time to clean up the droppings from the donkeys.

The players and animals were safe at all times. The referee was on hand to help the animals move if the riders couldn’t move, and the safety to everyone was at mind throughout. The players wore softball helmets so if they would fall from the donkey they wouldn’t get hurt.

During the intermission, there were free rides for all the children, 12 and under. I thought to myself that it would take a long time for all the many youngsters to ride, but it went smoothly, and chaperones were on hand to keep the children safe.

The kids were very well behaved, and I’m sure the parents loved watching their young children ride with so many people there to make sure no one would get hurt.

If I had to rate the Donkey Basketball Game from 1-10, with 10 be awesome, I would give it a 10.

There are lots of fundraising events throughout the area, and if you have a chance, take advantage, because these kids are trying to earn money for different functions.

The Boys and Girls Sectionals are going on, so keep reading the paper to see when your team is playing.

Congrats to Caleb Nice for becoming Magnolia High School’s first state wrestling champion. He deserves all the recognition possible. He went through some tough times, missing out on several occasions in the semi-finals. He has had concussions that hurt his chances two years ago, and he had to sit out a season of football because of it. That was the year the Eagles went undefeated and won a state championship. I know it hurt him, not being able to play that year, after being the team’s top tackler his sophomore year.

He also had an earlier concussion, this season in football, and was told not to play anymore if he wanted to wrestle. But, he wanted to be out there competing, but couldn’t. I know he worked and worked tirelessly into fine-tuning his craft, and it all came around for him, and I’m so tickled for him.

The Hundred Hornet Boys basketball team lost in the sectionals to Bishop Donahue, 99-28. Even losing by the large scoring spread, they didn’t quit. They played with heart, and the coaching staff never quit also. They were up and giving instructions the whole game.

Why am I bringing this up? Even though Hundred lost by huge numbers, Bishop Donahue didn’t run up the game the way Monroe Central did during the Hundred girls game, as I mentioned in my column last week.

They used every one of their players all four periods, and when they had a chance to get 100 points, what did they do? They sat on it. Congrats Bishop Donahue coaches.

I thought they could have stopped shooting the three earlier, and stopped the fast break too. But, I know that the guys on the bench need to do what the others players are doing so they can get added playing time.

The only thing I would say is, “Do unto others as you would want them to do to you.” Sit on it, pass the ball around, and work on your offense. This isn’t college and 99 percent of these kids aren’t going on to college to play ball. Teach them life lessons, not pound, pound pound until someone gets mad, like me, and says something. However, I’m grateful Donahue did the right thing at the end.

My final thought is – watch channel 45 at 10:30 p.m. on Suddenlink’s FXX station, and watch my boy do his thing.