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From My View For Feb. 8

By Staff | Feb 8, 2017

It will soon be that special day that all women like – Valentine’s Day on February 14.

All women – young and old – enjoy their Valentine’s Day, and likewise, most men do too. It is the chance to spend time with your favorite Valentine, and give her some candy, flowers, to show her your affection towards her.

Men, women deserve that day, as well as Mothers Day, Grandmothers Day Christmas, and Halloween. You name it. They deserve your attention, and we acknowledge it, as well as every holiday.

But, Valentine’s Day is special for them. Guys, let’s go out and spoil her. Give your lady what she deserves – a nice romantic dinner, candy, flowers, or something else that she likes.

I have given Lynne many different things on Valentine’s Day. There are so many different types of gifts to give your favorite lady.

You can’t go wrong on giving flowers and/or candy with a mushy card, but hold on guys! You can also give her a nice dinner and a movie. You could also make dinner for her, and just spoil her for the day.

Ladies, if you could do me a favor, send me a note on the many different gifts your man bought, or ways he showed his love, on this Valentine’s Day.

But, it also goes both ways, ladies. Give your special guy some gifts as well. Spruce yourself up, and return the favor.

Guys, don’t forget that other special lady – your mother. She always looks for at least a card. Open that wallet, and get your mother something too.

Or, make her a card. You don’t have to buy her anything. Just give her a card, make her breakfast. Clean the house, sweep the floor, or even wash the dishes. Clean your room and, write her a note on how special she is.

That’s also goes to you young ladies as well. Give your mother something nice as well, and show her that she is special.

I just love it when my grandchildren color a page in a coloring book and give it to my wife and me. That’s special. We keep most of their drawings and color pages and notes. They mean a lot to Lynne. She likes cards. She doesn’t always want something bought, a note and a thank you sometime go a lot further than spending money.

Anyway, remember guys… I have warned you before the big day, so go out there and give your special Valentine a nice day.

Guys, you might even want to take her to a ball game. No, I don’t think you better. I know you better not, but maybe on Feb. 15.