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From My View For Jan. 11

By Staff | Jan 11, 2017

Well it, finally happened. They closed school due to bad weather this season – on January 6.

When it comes to bad weather and sporting events, a lot of people have different views than others, and I’m sure a lot of people don’t like my view either.

If there is no school, due to bad weather, should there be an after-school event in the evening?

There are a few answers to that question: yes, no and maybe. Well, everybody is right, or are they?

Wetzel County is spread out, and covers a lot of ground. The kids who participate in these after-school functions can’t help it if the roads are bad, and the parents don’t want to chance their kids life over a after school activity, but most do.

Is it fair? Yes, no and maybe.

However, we must all give that function to our Wetzel County superintendent and his staff to make the decisions. Period and end of story.

I sometimes don’t understand why, when it’s very bad and they close up shop, it’s over, but really is it?

What if the weather changes, the roads get better and each team is on the river and all can get there to play?

I guess we should, but what if? There will always be a what if.

Let’s let the powers-to-be make that decision for us. We can make great responses either way, we really can. I want the teams to play, and I want that play, or music, or dance recital to take place if they possibly can.

If the roads are good enough to drive, and we have people in place to do what they do, let’s make it happen.

The OVAC Basketball Tournament and the OVAC Wrestling Tournament have done both and many complain, but you know, the people who make that decision take everything in consideration.

Not only is it our kids that miss out or not, how about that janitor or bus driver. Did anyone consider what they have to go through to get there and do their job? I don’t believe that at all.

If the superintendent says no after-school functions will happen, then no after -chool functions. But, if he or she says, “If it gets better let’s go ahead and do it,” that’s fine by me. I need to get my stories done, so we can fill the sports pages. But if its not, that’s up to us to figure out how to fill it, like I’m doing now.

If the OVAC have functions, but our people in charge say no, it’s no, plain and simple. But, let me just ask our superintendent that question, and get the answer first hand…

Mr. Toman did better – he gave me a copy of Memorandum NO.11-2016/17 on Snow Day Procedures to let me and all are readers know what they are:

For the 2016-2017 school year, we will be operating on the following procedures concerning the delay or closing of school due to inclement weather.

Announcements concerning of school will be made by the superintendent or his designee on sschool messenger, the county phone/e-mail notification system, to all staff and students/parents. These announcements will be made as soon as the decision has been made which will affect the school day. Additionally, the traditional ethod of notifying local TV and radio stations will continue. You may also contact the county’s automated telephone system for weather related at 304-455-2441, ext. 7. That announcement will be put on the system as soon as a decision concerning delays or cancellations has been made.

Conditions may allow for some schools in the county to remain open, while others are closed. If this occurs, all parents and staff will be notified by all the above mentioned methods. Please be mindful of this and listen to the entire recorded message for full instructions.

1. On days when the start of school is delayed (Usually no more than two hours) due to inclement weather, the following practices shall be followed.

A. All principals, assistant principals, 261-day custodians, maintenance employees, mechanics, and county office staff may report to work on a delayed basis, but no later than one-half of the announced delay after their regular starting time (2-hour delay may report up to one hour later than normal). The superintendent or his designee may increase the length of the delay if warranted.

B. All other employees will adjust their regular starting to work time by the announced delay (2-hour delay and regular starting to work time is 7:30 a.m., report by 9:30 a.m.).

2. On days when school is dismissed early due to inclement weather,

the following practices shall be followed.

A. Staff members, except as noted below, are excused after all students have left the building/premises.

B. Custodians already at school must complete their assigned work

duties, but then can leave. Custodians who work later shifts are to report to work and complete their assigned work duties, but may report early (after students have been dismissed) and can leave once their duties are completed.

C. Principals and assistant principals are to remain at school for at least one hour after students have been dismissed.

D. All 261-day personnel (except for custodians), all maintenance employees, all mechanics, and all county staff will work their regular time shift unless excused by the Superintendent or designee.

E. Student activities are canceled for the remainder of that day/evening.

3. On days when school is canceled due to inclement weather, the following practices shall be followed.

A. All County Office administrators, all maintenance employees, all head principals, and all 261-day custodians may report to work one hour later than usual unless otherwise directed by the superintendent or by his designee. Those reporting to work at their regular time may leave one hour earlier than usual.

B. Mechanics are to report to work only if requested to do so by their immediate supervisor.

C. County Office Secretaries may report to work if their duties demand their attendance on that particular day. In all cases, they are to check with their immediate supervisor for a decision on the day/work in question.

D. One duty of principals on such days is to make certain that their building(s) is secure (power is on, HVAC System is operating, no leaks in the roof, etc.) and that custodians have done what is necessary in order for school to be safely held the following school day.

E. All 261-day custodians are to report to work to clear snow, ice, etc, and complete other essential work as assigned by principals.

F. When schools have been closed or are to be closed due to inclement weather, all extracurricular activities, co-curricular activities, alternative education classes, adult education classes, community education classes, community/civic and/or related events, including athletic events, shall be canceled or postponed. On inclement weekends, etc. an agreement will be arrived between the principals, coaches, and athletic directors as to whether or not to open a particular school building. If an agreement cannot be made, our policy will be: no school, no activity.

4. Whenever school activities are canceled as noted in section 2 and 3 above, principals and/or athletic directors are responsible for public notification of such cancellations.

Please read the F. paragraph well; don’t call the main office or your awnser will be no. Let the coaches, Athletic Directors and the school’s Principal; handle it, not the board!

It will also be nice if the coaches, Athlectic Directors and or Principal could contact our paper and let us know if there will be a game or not and what changes that are made.