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From My View For Jan. 4, 2017

By Staff | Jan 4, 2017

I hope everybody had a nice Christmas. I sure did. My grandchildren came in, and I was better than I could ever be. After all the time we had, the last day topped it off when we all went to the movies to see SING.

It was great. Lynne and I got to see our littlest granddaughter dance and make merry. She was just great, along with all the other kids, parents and grandparents that were in attendance.

Now that the Christmas break is over and everyone is back home safe and sound, we need to get back into the old grind. For me it is games, games and more games to cover. I really enjoy covering the games. I really do. The people I meet and work with are awesome people; they really are.

In this week’s column, I want to talk about family. Family is everything. When you lose a member of your family, it hurts. I know that first hand. My aunt, Alberta Winkler, and my wife’s uncle, Sonny Blair, died – one before Christmas and one after.

The immediate family, I’m sure, will miss them, but so will all the others that they have met in their lifetime. We all need to grieve when someone passes away, in our own way. I’m just such a girl when it comes to that. I weep, even if I didn’t know them as well as others.

I feel sad that a life is lost, but I feel hope knowing that they lived their life to the fullest and was baptized. I don’t want to get into that, but it’s my belief.

Also, family is not only your immediate family, but also your church family, your co-workers that you spend probably more time with, and the family you have from previous marriages too.

Like I said earlier, we all grieve in our own way. Sometimes it’s not as some others would, but we must let them. It’s hard to say things after one dies, it really is. Just a hug and a smile is enough, most of the time.

Besides your immediate family, your co-workers will be the next that you feel sad in losing, not just their life, but when they leave the work and retire, or just get a new job.

You’re sad for awhile, but as time goes on, you forget some and some you won’t, but you will always remember the good times.

When a family member is ill, you’re ill too; when they hurt, you hurt most of the time, but that’s because you are family.

In sports, your team is part of your family too. When a teammate is hurt, you hurt. When my aunt Alberta died, there were players there to support Autumn and Gabby Cecil, as well as both their coaches. It was nice to see and hear how they all supported Autumn and Gabby. And, it goes down the road as well, as many other teammates and coaches go and support their teammates.

When you become a team, it’s like being part of a big family. You do what you can to support your classmate, teammate, your spouse and your co-worker.

When I saw all the Magnolia varsity players on hand, as well as both of their coaches, I felt so good inside and proud that there are still good people out there that are concerned about one of their family that is hurting, and they want not only to pay respect, but to give a comforting shoulder to aid a comrade.

Turning things completely around, I just want to address something my co-worker Ed Parsons wrote about spirit at school when it comes down to sports. I concur that there isn’t the pride at some schools when it comes to attendance at extracurricular games.

When you’re winning, they will come; but when they are not winning, only a handful shows up to support, and that usually means their parents. Most of the time you don’t see the principal, but I can tell you there are people at some of these sporting events from the county. I’ve seen our Wetzel County superintendent at high schools, and in the middle school athletic events as well.

To finish this column, I want to end it like I started… I hope you had a great Christmas, but I hope you have even a better New Year.