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From My View For Dec. 21

By Staff | Dec 21, 2016

Another one is going to bite the dust, with 2016 going out and 2017 coming in. Loads of people will contemplate what New Year’s resolutions they would like to have, or at least give a try.

For me, I have tried and succeeded on a few, but for the biggest part, I have failed miserably. Last season, I sat out to read the Bible every day. For a few months, I succeeded, but as time went on, I didn’t do it every day. It went for every other day, to once a week.

This year, I want to start something and do it religiously, not just once a week, but every day. I will (I hope) to get myself organized. Not just at work, but at home as well.

With five schools to cover, I am swamped. If I had five athletic directors and head coaches like Fred King, I would never have problem in getting stats from coaches and updated schedules in advance of the season. I wouldn’t have a problem.

Nothing against all the coaches and athletic directors, because all schools and coaches are different. In most cases, coaches want to get as much player acknowledgment as they can, but I know they have more on their plate than little old me, and I do understand.

So that’s why getting organized is what I want to accomplish at work,, as well as at home. I will succeed, as I’m not getting any younger and my health hasn’t been the best in 2016, and I think if I am more organized, my health will improve. (At least, I hope so).

If I can be organized, and stick to it, I will be healthier, and it should trickle down to every day stuff. I want to take at least 30 minutes for myself to do what I want to do, either with a good sports book, or on my recumbent bicycle, that I hope to get for Christmas, or both.

I also want to spend more time with my wife and family that is spread all over the country. I WILL, and I mean Will, get myself organized.

Now for my New Year’s resolutions for some of my many coaches that I deal with, as well as some of our readers and staff at the Wetzel Chronicle and Tyler Star News.

To Mrs. Molendick and my cousin Maureen Winkler Cecil, I promise to keep taking your picture every time I see you at a ball game. Both of you have been very faithful in your attendance, and I want to continue to take a photo, with or without makeup.

To all the many players – as well as my coaches – at Hundred, Valley High School, Paden City, River and Magnolia, and staff at both the Tyler Star News and Wetzel Chronicle, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I hope you will make resolutions that you can keep, and I pray that all of you can have a safe and joyous Christmas vacation.

Some of our readers shared some of their resolutions. Gloria Johnson stated that she will make her goals short so she can keep them.

Wilma Dakan Morris said that she was not making any New Year’s resolutions; then she won’t have to break them! The only thing she wants is to be a better Christian, and a better person than she was in 2016! Christy Wilson want to do at least one good deed everyday for someone, even if it’s little – like telling someone they are beautiful.

Joy West’s resolution is to be the best person that she can, think of others first, and love everyone for who they are.

The last reader is Donna Neely. She stated that she doesn’t make them, so she doesn’t break them.

I really and truly thank all my readers and Facebook friends for their thoughts on New Year’s resolutions. At work, our editor Lauren Matthews seeks to be a better Christian and not judge people. Diann Wright wants to be able to see her grandbaby every day. Zach Blair, our ad representative at the Wetzel Chronicle, is making the New Year’s resolution of being a better husband to the greatest wife a husband could want, and to get more businesses to put ads in the Wetzel Chronicle, Tyler Star News and the Green Tab. Chad Turner’s New Year’s resolution is to win his fantasy football league, and lose weight by eating healthier. R.J. Goode’s resolution is to lose 15 pounds over the summer and to spend a lot more time with his family.

Chuck Clegg wants to finish another book and spend more time with his family.

Tyler Star News Editor Miles Layton’s resolution is to spend more time with his family. Tyler Star News Sports Writer Ed Parsons’ resolution is to try to do his best to stay healthy in 2017, and to try to make it to church every Sunday. Rick Loy wants to watch what he eats to get heather for himself, along with his family and friends. Victoria Thomas stated that she wants to be nicer in 2017 to everybody.

The staff at both the Tyler Star News and the Wetzel Chronicle has a resolution of putting out a quality newspaper that our readers and customers can enjoy, and hopes for everyone to enjoy the holidays.