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From My View For Dec. 14

By Staff | Dec 14, 2016

Here is my list for Santa Claus to bring my co-workers, coaches, players and fans for Christmas this year.

It’s safe to say we have had our ups and downs with all the changes in our hometown paper, but in the end it’s working all right.

To Lauren Matthews, our editor at Wetzel Chronicle, and Miles Layton, the editor at the Tyler Star News… I would like Santa to bring Lauren a karaoke machine for her and Zachary Blair to practice their singing talents. To Miles, some new wheels for all the traveling he does to get to work and back, and a new portfolio folder.

To Diann Wright and Victoria Thomas, our secretaries… a week of limited amount of phone calls on Wednesday mornings, meaning the paper got out to where it needed to go, and a day they both could get a manicure and be pampered.

To Chad Turner… a new pair of sneakers to get around to all the many meetings he covers, a day and evening he can do what he likes, hunting and fishing with family and friends.

To Rick Loy and Zach Blair… a bunch of brand new businesses to showcase their business in both our papers. And to Ed Parsons, I would like old Saint Nick to bring him binoculars and a year’s supply of yogurt and salad at McDonalds in New Martinsville.

To Brian Clutter, our publisher at the Wetzel Chronicle and Tyler Star News… a new fishing boat, with a fish finder to catch that big one. To my Sports Editor Bubba Kapral, a ticket to the Super Bowl, World Series seventh game and the Pro Hockey All-Star Game.

To all my coaches at Hundred, Magnolia, Paden City, River and Hundred… a few more good athletes to be able to compete in the WVSSAC, Mason-Dixon and OVAC. And, if Santa can please give them all a big box of aspirin, and a night out with their better halves.

To my readers at the Wetzel Chronicle… a lot more photos to look at in the sports section, along with no misspelling of names.

But, most of all, I would like Santa to bring a copy of the New Testament Bible to everyone, and to put God first in everything that we do.