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Hundred Holds ‘Outdoor Days’ Competition

By Staff | Nov 23, 2016

Pictured are trap setting winners Jacob Allen, Wyatt Wingrove, Brody Cartwright, Curtis Hall, and David Morgan.

Hundred High School held its first ever “Fall Outdoor Days” on Monday, Nov. 14. Many schools were represented at the newly held event – such as Hundred, Magnolia, Paden City, Valley, Cameron and John Marshall high schools. Each school was allowed to register two individuals per contest, and participating schools were to provide their own archery and air rifle equipment.

The featured events included Archery, Trap Setting, Air Rifle Shooting, Trail Camera Shooting, Outdoor Photography, and Antler Scoring.

The rules for the archery competition stated that the bows had to be unmodified Genesis bows, approved for NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program). Each shooter shot five arrows at a distance of 10 meters and another five arrows from a distance of 15 meters for a possible total score of 100 points.

The trap setting students were given six different traps to set as quickly as possible. All traps had to be set and remain set until all six traps were set. The traps consisted of a mouse trap, rat trap, No. 110 body trap, No. 1 long spring, dog proof, and 1-1/2 coil spring.

The air rifle competition participants were to shoot three shots at a distance of 10 meters from the standing, kneeling, and prone positions. The weight of the rifles could not be more than 7.5 pounds and could not exceed 600 feet per second. Only .177 caliber pellets of any shape made of lead or similar soft material were permitted.

Pictured are Trail Cam competition winners Miranda Aston, Macy Lemasters, Bryce Bartrug, Hunter Higgins, and Alex Bassett.

The trail camera photography competition consisted of a 5×7 original photo that could not be edited. The photos must be time stamped no earlier than August of 2016 and must be from a trail camera. Each student could submit one photo. Photos were judged by originality, unique and interesting subject and, quality of the photograph.

The antler scoring contest used the “Pope and Young” method of measurement for scoring whitetail deer. Students were to fill out an official scoring sheet and students were judged on accuracy of an 1/8 of an inch to the official score.

The winners of the Trail Camera Photography competition were: First Place, Alex Bassett (Valley); second place, Macy Lemasters (Hundred); third place, Hunter Higgins (Magnolia); fourth place, Miranda Aston (John Marshall); and fifth place, Bryce Bartrug (Hundred).

The winners of the Archery competition were: First place, Kyrie Menendez (John Marshall); second place, Bryce Blake (Paden City); third place, Gavin Morriss (Valley); fourth place, Destiny Eastham (Hundred); fifth place, Brian Powell (Valley).

The winners of the Wildlife Photography competition were: First place, Rachel Postlewaite (Hundred); second place, Teran Malone (Magnolia); third place, Audrey Rine (John Marshall); fourth place, Alex Bassett (Valley); fifth place, Devann Fox (Magnolia).

Pictured are Archery competition winners Gavin Morris, Bryce Blake, Brian Powell, Destiny Eastham and Kyrie Menendez.

The winners of the Trap Setting competition were: first place, Curtis Hall (John Marshall); second place, Wyatt Wingrove (Cameron); third place, Brody Cartwright (Magnolia); fourth place, Jacob Allen (Hundred); fifth place, David Morgan (Valley).

The winners of the Air Rifle competition were: first place, Ty Truex (John Marshall); second place, Dalton Schupbach (Paden City); third place, Braden Carroll (John Marshall); fourth place, Haden Dulany (Hundred); fifth place, Danny Stewart (Hundred).

The winners of the Antler scoring competition were: first place, Magnolia; second place, Valley; third place, Paden City; fourth place, John Marshall; fifth place, Hundred.

The overall scores were tallied and the grand winners were: first place, John Marshall; second place, Hundred; third place, Magnolia and Valley (tied); fifth place, Paden City; sixth place, Cameron.

The competition lasted most of the day and there were several guests that spoke in between some of the competitions.

Photos Provided Pictured are Air Rifle competition winners — Ty Truex, Haden Dulaney, Dalton Schupbach, Danny Stewart, and Braden Carroll.