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From My View Nov. 23

By Staff | Nov 23, 2016

With many holiday functions awaiting us, I would like to tell our readers about some of the many things happening all around us. But, before I do, I want to thank the Wetzel Chronicle readers for their continuous support you have given me these past several years.

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve awaiting us later in December, I want to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year beforehand.

The annual Festival of Trees just finished up this past weekend, along with several Veterans Day events – like Low Gap and all the area middle and high schools’ ceremonies.

Black Friday is coming up very fast, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. We will have Thanksgiving first. When we talk Thanksgiving, we talk mainly about all the many blessings we have, and we all have many. However, since I’m a sports nut, I want to talk TURKEY and DEER Hunting first.

I’m not a hunter, but still have hunting guns in case I want to give it a try again. However, I don’t get to go out and check the many hunters’ that bring in their harvest and take pictures of their prize turkey and buck trophy kills. Since you can now check them out online and not having to bring them into a place to be checked in, I don’t get to see the big ones anymore other than on Facebook.

But you can still send them to me at work and I will try my darnedest to get the photos in.

Then there is football. The Packers and the Bears are always a game to watch on Thanksgiving. However, the powers that be, also added more football, hockey and basketball games too. That’s just up my alley, especially with all the trimmings to go along with the games.

Now, for most of the ladies, and some of the men, there will be what they call BLACK FRIDAY. That is shopping at its finest. Most stores will have sales, after sales, after sales to entice shoppers to buy their merchandise. However, we have many local businesses that will have sales, too, so please try to shop locally as much as you can. These stores here promote our kids and rely on us to help keep local businesses afloat.

Our schools and sports teams pound our stores every year for donations, and we owe it to try to shop locally as much as we can.

Besides the shopping, there is the giving to the needy. For the biggest part, we will hit area businesses we go to for donations, but remember do what you can and don’t go overboard. Besides giving money, give of yourselves as well. It will make you feel good as well as help with your spirit.

Parties will also play an important role in the holidays, at work as well as group parties. Then there are the parades and Christmas shows on TV, and if you all could do something for me when you do, watch the commercials as my son Jeremy will be in a national commercial, starting on Black Friday. I am not allowed to say who it’s with, but it’s big and we are so proud of him for following his dreams.

If you catch him, he will playing an ELF, and while you’re at it, copy and paste it to my Facebook, along with some no-bake oatmeal cookies. Ha Ha.

The annual Ebert Brother Christmas Show will be coming up soon at the Lincoln Theater; you should all go, as it’s AWESOME!

There will also be some holiday basketball tournaments around the valley, as well as some area wrestling tournaments, too. Try to catch as many as you can.

If there is one thing that everyone tries to do around this time, it’s making New Years Resolutions. Let’s all try to be a better person than what we were this year, and go from there.

Players play, coaches coach and fans cheer on their special team. Let’s try very hard to not give the officials grief: do unto others as you would want them to do for you. But, in the end, remember there is Christ in Christmas, let’s keep Christ in all that we do and the world WILL be a better place.