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From My View For Nov. 16

By Staff | Nov 16, 2016

Now that our area high school football games are officially over, we will start, if we haven’t already, getting into our Fantasy Football leagues, as well as hockey and basketball.

I’m one of those crazy guys who participate in fantasy leagues. I have four Fantasy Football teams, one pick ’em all in the NFL football, one hockey, and one NBA league.

I have one NFL league team where I will be given so much money to buy my players up to that amount. You must buy wisely, or you will not have a very good team. I’m also in a pair of Christian Fantasy Football teams, as well as a NFL and hockey team at work. Plus one pick ’em in the NFL.

I was on top in my work NFL Fantasy Football Team until I couldn’t find the time to check and see who was healthy and who had no buy, and now I’m tied for first with two others. My Christian League Teams are doing Okay, but, if you don’t study and check out who is playing who, and who had a bye, you’re not going to do very well.

In my NBA Fantasy league, I’m doing pretty well, but my hockey team isn’t, while the other ones are doing so-so. In my pick ’em league, I’m not sure how I’m doing. I won it all two years ago, but last year not so good, and this year when I remember to pick them, I’m 3/4th right most of the time.

For the avid sportsman, it’s fun and free. Yes there is money fantasy teams out there, but I will not be involved with those or most of the people I deal with don’t either.

A Fantasy Football team is so much fun no matter who you play with. You become a fan of other team players that you normally would root for.

Most people would pick players from one or two teams they really like, but most of the time it’s not very wise if you want to do well. But there are many avid players that study every week to see how is hurt and who is playing teams with good or bad offenses and orb defenses. Then there is the bye week when some of your players don’t play

that particular week, or got seriously hurt and will need to put one on the IR. You then must either put them on the IR, or if you’re lucky, trade the player, or even drop him and pick another player from the players left in the system.

However, in some leagues, you have the right to save so many players for the following year, and if a very good player gets hurt and you put him on IR, you can either keep him and use him the next season or get rid of him and hope to get a good player in return.

In our league at work, it brings us together, and gives us a good rapport. It also gives each one of us a chance to learn the pro-game and how it’s more than just a quarterback or a wide receiver to get points; it’s everyone, including defense and kickers.

It gives us excitement to be able to talk about something more than work. It is also gives us all the opportunities to be able to have bragging rights at work each and every week.

If you have never tried to participate in fantasy football, basketball, and hockey, give a try next year; it’s fun and it keeps, at least me, the opportunity to cherish me more in what I now do for a living.

I haven’t tried the baseball fantasy yet and hope to be able to do that next year.