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From My View For Oct. 19

By Staff | Oct 19, 2016

Homecoming is great for high school football just as much as the band and cheerleaders are, but we don’t talk about them as much. In this column I will try to cover all three. It’s safe to say there is no band at River High School. The music appreciation was done away with a few years ago, but the school has done quite well in the loss of it.

Without their band playing at the half, RHS has still allowed other teams to play, and they have played the National Anthem by a recording. I miss the band over there, but with the numbers down in the music department, I can see why.

However, their cheerleaders have kept the rich tradition of spirit at the games, just as the cheerleaders do at Hundred, Magnolia, Paden City and Valley.

During halftime of all the games, these schools’ bands perform for everyone in attendance. I hate to see all the people get up and not support the band, but I know they can still hear and support them while heading to the concession stand.

Most of our high schools only have queens, but a few like Hundred and River have kings and queens. I don’t see a problem at all, and support the schools that do have both, as well as those who don’t. However, I do believe that all the many people that want to take pictures should wait until the announcing is over and head to a nearby area to continue to take photos of the homecoming court.

The Homecoming Parade is also something I like to watch, as well as the bands and cheerleaders getting the crowd excited… not only during the parade, but during the game as well.

I see that a lot of work by many to even put on a homecoming halftime ceremony – such as the programs to be made, the flowers, the outfits they wear, as well as the hair styling and the homecoming dance afterward.

Not only is there a King and a Queen crowned, the attendance at this event is strong, and many people that normally wouldn’t come to a game, come and support.

I believe that all the students at the schools vote on their homecoming court and the winners, but sometimes they have a rose ceremony and each contestant picks a flower, and the one that gets a black rose is the queen. However, I don’t think any of our schools do this any more, but maybe Hundred did at one time.

Back to the bands… they not only entertain the crowd, but they perform at festivals and have competitions throughout the fall and summer as well. It would be nice if we can get a band competition here in the valley.

Who is up for that? All in favor, say aye…

Now, the cheerleaders practice and cheer year round. They cheer at football and basketball games, as well as have competitions in the OVAC, regional, and state. I know we don’t have all the cheerleading teams compete, but I wish they would. It’s a great atmosphere and it gives the girls a great feeling that the cheers from the crowd is for them.

I would like to end the column with this idea: If you are of age and aren’t registered to vote, do so and go vote Nov. 8 for your choice. I can safely say, that someone will win and someone will lose. But, if you don’t vote, you should not complain who does win. Also, let us all set good examples for our kids and not bash our public officials before, during, and after the election season. Vote for who you want.

And PS: Please, whoever puts up a sign… as soon as the election is over, pick it up and dispose of it properly.