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From My View For Sept. 28

By Staff | Sep 28, 2016

It has been a few years ago that I was playing Little League baseball, and even closer when I coached.

However, when we were talking at the paper last week, it was brought up about heading to the Dairy Queen for ice cream after a game. Those were the good days.

I went back in time just a smidgen, to when I played. My dad coached for a season, and after a game – instead of heading to the Dairy Queen – Dad would cut up a couple watermelons and we would eat those.

There were loads of other things we did. We played war with our little plastic army men, and wiffle-ball too. We played home-run ball where we would throw a ball over a fence and we would try to make that fantastic grab, robbing a home-run.

Every weekend we would either play a game of “around the world,” or play horseshoes. I didn’t live too many years in New Martinsville when I was young. I only went to school in New Martinsville until my second or third grade, before we moved to Fly. We lived their until I married in 1974.

But, I always returned every week to play ball and visit with my grandparents, Bill and Ila Cross, on Main Street, playing many games at Bruce Park as well as swimming at Bruce Pool.

After thinking about those time, we then talked about the time that (former reporter) Brenda Dorsey brought in some live chickens that she was going to take home after work. However, Diane Kinnard ran into the chickens and was scared to death, jumping on a chair. Brenda felt bad and went home soon afterward to take the chickens home. Good stuff to remember.

Reporter Chad Turner will always remember all the football games he played in his backyard, and cutting wood with his granddad, while Zach Blair, in ad sales, remembered about running through the neighborhood in his diaper and having weiner roasts at his Grandma Libby’s house. Lauren Riggs-Matthews remembered working in the garden with her Papaw.

That triggered the time I was was in Tyler County at my Uncle Woody’s and ran into a rose bush. My grandpa picked me up and carried me to the house, where my Aunt Pauline fixed me some ice cream.

Ed Parsons’ fondest memories were the Paden City High School pre-game meetings – when the students and all the faculty showed their school spirit prior to a big game. He also enjoyed watching the 1987 boys basketball season go 27-0, topped off by a state Class-A championship.

DiannWright remembers the time that her son was playing basketball and he made a pass, but there was noone anywhere in sight. Then the pass was caught by a teammate who went on to make a basket. She later asked her son why he threw it to nobody, but he said, “I just knew that my teammate would be there because we played some many games together, and we know each other pretty well.” That’s real good stuff.

Chuck Clegg stated he remembered the exploring he did as a youth on Rocks Run, seeing all the things that lived. He also remembered the opening tackle he made after the opening kick-off.

Those are things that we, and many of our readers, remember about out our childhoods. I also asked our readers on Facebook about their fondest memory without mentioning their names. Here are just a few of many:

The very first response was from a friend who drove in a white-out last year. Quickly next was a response from a lady that loved to march at halftime in the band. Also, we had several mention about playing basketball and/or football at the neighbors’ or friends’ homes with their buddies, along with watching NFL highlights.

There were quite a few people mention about watching the Blue Eagle boys basketball and football teams winning state titles, and running the tables in football last season.

I had one reader say that she will always remember when the Blue Eagles were about to win the boys Class-AA state title when the crowd start chanting for TC Fauber to be put into the game. Then, the team would keep feeding him the ball to shoot until he scored. His dad had passed away earlier that year and the team wore his dad’s initials on their uniform. All good stuff.

Other memories include a time when a fellow Wetzel County resident won the hot-dog eating contest, and the many good times Bruce Bowling Lanes had provided for our area residents. In one instance, a fellow reader remembered the excitement over the new track facility at Magnolia High School, and immediate success the boys and girls teams had afterwards with multiple state championships, not to mention OVACs and regional championships.

There are many any other fond memories I know, but I would like to conclude with my most remembered – when I was baptized, when I got married, and when our first of three baby boys were born.