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From My View For Aug. 31

By Staff | Aug 31, 2016

We had a big first week of football here in the Wetzel County area. Hundred, Magnolia and Paden City each lost their first outings, while River and Valley won their games in dramatic fashion.

The heat and humidity was just awful, and it showed. When its’ hot and humid, the players – as well as the fans – need to stay hydrated. Players especially must drink, drink and drink before, during, and after the game, while fans and band members – as well as officials – also need to drink during the game. I don’t mean pop either. It’s water, water and water. Those involved in professional sports advise drinking a Gatorade, to every two waters, during a regular game.

During the Valley game, there were many players going down due to the heat and muscle spasms. Spasms are very painful, and it’s very dangerous when it comes to heat.

At the River game it was just awful. The River coach, and my friend Mike Flannery, said in his 30 years of coaching, It was by far the worst. The kids, coaches, managers, referees, cheerleaders – as well as the band members and fans – all did pretty well despite the heat and humidity. Everyone gave their best on both sides of the field.

However, we get paranoid when it comes to our kids, but we also need to realize that our coaches, referees, athletic directors and trainers to do their job, and they do. Good job by all this weekend.

The River and Bellaire game was played on Sunday afternoon because of the chlorine leak at the Axiall Plant on Saturday.

I don’t like that it was played on Sunday, but we have to do what they say, and it’s all good. But, for me – and me only – I would have liked for them to play it later in the afternoon to give the kids a chance to go to church. The church I go to in Steelton lets out at a little past 11 a.m. And after changing and getting a small bite to eat, I headed to Bellaire. The place was packed, and I had to park a good way away and missed half of the first, but as soon as I got on the sidelines, the Pilots scored. (They just waited for me.)

I believe the kids should be able to go, and I’m sure they most likely gave them a choice. But, I don’t think we should give them that choice; let’s do right by our kids and set up games not to be on Sundays. If we have to, let’s do it later in the afternoon.

I know it would be hotter and all that, but it’s just my opinion.

Both teams have to play in the heat, and it’s up to our coaches and trainers to keep our kids hydrated. This week they all did a fantastic job.