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My Vacation With Mr. And Mrs. Claus

By Staff | Aug 24, 2016

Photo Provided Me posing with Rich “Santa” Male.

Well, I’m finally back from vacation. My wife and I spent our two week vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. We traveled over 2,000 miles and hit 13 states, starting in West Virginia. After traveling across the bridge to Ohio, we went through Maryland to get to Virginia to where we met up with Mr. and Mrs. Claus – who, by the way, is my eldest son’s in-laws).

We took off and went to Lancaster, Pa. and stayed there for a few days and saw the show Sampson, at the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, Pa. It was awesome. After touring Lancaster and the close towns an Amish communities, we headed towards Maine, our final stop.

We stopped many times and saw many things, but the most noticeable things I saw, was the many people that love and believe in Santa.

Rich “Santa” Male is a professional Santa and was noticed right away as Santa. He acts the part very well. When we were at Lancaster, numerous people, young and old, wanted to talk and get photos of Santa on vacation.

He, as well as Lynne and I, didn’t mind at all, as well as his wife, Mrs. Claus, Jan Male.

We stopped in Massachusetts to see the place where they killed many women and men that were labeled witches. It was interesting, but I wasn’t impressed with the museum.

We stopped in Connecticut and New Hampshire on our way to Maine, but drove through states New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Vermont and Rhode Island.

We took a nice train and boat ride, while we were in in New Hampshire, and we also saw a few lighthouses and castles. We rode a ferry heading to Gillette Castle in Connecticut and the Hammond Castle in Massachusetts.

Lynne and Santa had lobster in Massachusetts, while Jan had fish and chips and I had a hamburger.

It was an enjoyable trip with good friends and lovely scenery. However, it was very hot throughout. During the two-weeks it was 100 degrees twice and mid-day the coolest it got was 94. But in Maine, in the evening, it was a cool 80 by the ocean.

When we finished our vacation, we went to the final day of Town and Country Days and saw Diamond Rio. We left when it started to rain. I was told while we were gone it rained nearly every day.

After Town and Country Days, we had a nice pizza from Pascos and settled down in our hot tub to end our vacation.


Well it’s finally here – the fall high school sports season. Golf has been swinging away with the Magnolia team starting the season – like the weather during my vacation – HOT, HOT and HOT.

Defending state qualifier Peyton Moore and freshman standout Trey Blain has the Eagles team flying high from the get-go.

Cross country just started, and the Blue Eagles’ Jordan Delaney finished their first meet in the top 10 at St. Marys.

I have been on vacation for the past several weeks and have missed the football scrimmages, as well as the start of volleyball, soccer scrimmages as well as cross country and golf.

We will again have “Players Of The Week” starting back next week that will include high school players in all fall sports at Hundred, Magnolia, Paden City, River and Valley High schools. All participants can win only once during the fall season, until their play-offs and sectionals start.

I will try to catch a little of Hundred versus Cameron, and Valley versus Tygarts Valley Friday night. I wish Magnolia, Paden City and River good luck in football, as well as all the other area sports who is starting their season this week.