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Deem, Delaney Win At Jim Quinet Memorial 5K

By Staff | Aug 3, 2016

Hunter Deem

Hunter Deem and Jordan Delaney cruised to victory in the 8th Annual Jim Quinet Memorial 5K Run/Walk race in downtown New Martinsville Saturday morning.

Deem finished in 17:17.17, while Delaney broke the women’s course time at 21:04.42. Matt Day (18:34.53) and Johnathan Haddox (18:55.27) followed Deem in what was a close race, while Brianna Ritz (22:16.24) and Olivia Beard (22:32.45) followed Delaney with outstanding times in the women’s race.

Jason Mader (28:18.50) was the top overall walker, while Lauren Ritz (29:56.69) had the second best time. Cecil Chapman (31:43.07) and Alex Thoburn (31:57.24) finished third and fourth, respectively.

Samantha Layton (24:29.60) was tops in the nine and under girls, while Sienna McKeever (40:51.82) placed runner-up, and Willow Haught (49:21.30) placed third.

In the 10-19 female age group it was Alexandi Karpacs Brown (26:49.99), Sydney Reed (28:15.66) and Adrianna Karpacs Brown (29:08.48) finished one-two – three, while Candace Kesselring (24:53.69) nosed out Alexis Emch (25:55.62 and Jennifer Hicks (27:30.95) in the women’s 20-29 age division.

Jordan Delaney

In the 30-39 female age group in the 5K run, Sarah Shepherd (12:50.52) took top honors, while Kathryn Isaly (24:21.67) finished a close second and Amanda Ruble (24:44.26) finished third.

Amy Shreve (22:39.06), Trisha Mensore (26:58.57 and Nancy McSabe Day (28:36.35) crosses the finish line one-two-three in the 40-49, while Santina Vigliotti (24:46.93), Angi McDonald (24:58.61) and Sandra Block (29:30.58) did the same, respectively in the 50-59 female age bracket.

Cherrie Cowan (37:29.87) placed first in the women’s 60-69, while Dee Brimmer (45:05.17), and Jan Emch (46:17.97) was second and third, respectively. EllaJane Custer (41:48.27, and Nadara Brightwell (43:19.90) were the two top runners in the 70 and over women.

In the ladies’ 5K walk nine and under 5K, Alexa Griffin (47:28.70), Kadyn McClure (48:20.96) and Jayla Longwell (52:55.41) placed first, second and third, respectively, including Olivia Mensore (37:01.44), Nardos Biram (41:33.36, and Lydia (47:27.13) in the 10-19 5K walk.

In the 20-29 age bracket, Jamison Talkington (40:50.37) placed first, while Laura Hill (43:11.03) nosed out Alivia Melott (43:34.85) for second place, while in the 30-39 age bracket Lauren Ritz placed first, and Jody Swiger (36:34.11) nosed out Nicole LaRue (37:03.29) for second place.

Shawna Matheny (36:14.59), Carol Zombotti (38:10.51) and Julie Ledergerber (40:48.20) placed one, two three in the 40-49, including Melinda Graham (39:17.97), Lisa Shepherd (39:32.72) and Cathy Caldwell, (39:56.46) in the 50-59 age bracket.

Lois Ebeling (35:59.77) won the women’s 60-69, while Jeanne Barnes (40:09.43) finished second, and Linda Hill (46:42.34 placed third. Meanwhile Janet Weber (40:49.32) crossed the finish line first in the 70 and over, while Tina Neil (42:30.97) placed runner-up, and Barbra Morris (43:52.14) finished third.

In the nine and under boys 5K run, Brayson Hayes (33:15.92) nosed out Nichoals (33:32.75) for the top spot, while Colby Nichols (40:58.21) placed third.

Tyler Kiger (19:04.25) placed first in the 10-19 mens run, while Trenton Robinson (20:42.25) finished second, and Alex Anderson (20:43.28) third.

Mark Winters (23:58.89) beat out Tim Smith (26:57.84) and Bradley Stadler (27:43.92) in the 20-29 age bracket, while Mark Day (19:48.19) beat out Joseph Seckman (24:05.68) and Nathan Jones (24:17.70) in the 30-39 men’s age group, resectively.

Scott Clegg (18:34.53), Mike Moellendick (23:09.51 and Gregory Stevens (24:10.22) went first, second and third in the 40-49 age group, while Mike Herrick (22:13.49 nosed out Rod McWilliams (24:20.57), and David Bnensen (26:09.52) placed third.

In the 60-69 men’s race, Scotgt Hill placed first, while Allan Olexa (25:49.38) finished second, and Boyd Weddle (27:33.38) finished third. Bill Hornbeck (26:16.13) won the 70 and over men’s race.

In the male 10-19 age group in the 5K walk, Sam Mensore (38:44.93), JD Mensore (41:57.81), and Gavin Kinsley (43:14.13) placed one-two-three, while Taylor Shepherd (42:30.65) was tops in the 20-29 walkers.

Shane Talkington (40:51.03) finished first in the 30-39 bracket, while Aaron Patterson (45:35.91) placed second, and Daniel Miller (51:47.03) third. In the 40-49 division, Jason Mader (28:18.50) beat out Bob Cicogna (39:04.16), Pete Pitsenberger (42:16.43), Scott Simonton (47:35.35), and Bob Meriwether (49:56.73), respectively.

Cecil Chapman (31:43.07) won the 50-59 division, while Alex Thoburn (31:57.24) finished second, and Francis Potts (39:34.68) third. David Workman (33:52.96) crossed the finish line first in the 60-69 division, while Drew Brown (36:07.92) placed second, and Richard Respole (38:08.60) third.

Roy Thomas (35:56.03) was first in the 70 and over, while Stan Czyzewski (42:51.36), Gordan Waide (44:15.60) and James Fitzsimmons (44:57.46) rounded it out, respectively.

This was the largest race in numbers with more than 160 racers, while Anna Gibb received a $1,000 scholarship from last years proceeds to further her education to West Virginia University this fall.