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From My View For July 27

By Staff | Jul 27, 2016

This past week, the wife and I had the pleasure of watching our grandchildren for a few days. To be honest, it was a blast. Not only did we get to spoil the girls, we got to witness them doing things in the Ohio Valley.

People say there isn’t anything to do, and that’s why kids get in trouble. That’s not true by a longshot. We started the first few days we had the girls at the Court Restaurant. They are as picky as I am with food, but at Quinet’s, there was plenty. The girls found food they liked. It was a win-win situation.


The girls also got to see and enjoy the new – and much improved – Lewis-Wetzel swimming pool, which just opened.

The new pool has a lot of new bells and whistles, and the spray area that the little ones can play in is as nice as any around. The pool has been completely redone and the lifeguards there are amazing as well.

On opening day, there were a few hiccups as some kids migrated to the four foot area, from the smaller area, and before they knew it, they were in trouble. However, the quick action of the lifeguards took care of a possible drowning.

It only takes a second or two for a parent or older friend to look away for a moment. The lifeguards are trained to watch for the unexpected, and during the first week, they had the parents’ backs. was in trouble. It’s so nice to know that when you go to a place like Lewis-Wetzel that you always have those extra sets of eyes. It’s a nice feeling that your children are in good hands, and we have a nice place for our kids to go.

The pool has some rules to protect our kids, grandchildren, neighbors, and friends. If your kids are under 14 years of age, they must have an adult or older person with them. I think that’s an awesome idea. The pool is not a babysitting service.


The next place we took the grandpudaughters is the new and improved putt-putt golf course at Bruce Park. They ahd so much fun, and they thought it was the “bomb!”

They also went riding on their Aunt Barbie and Uncle Jay’s new big boat on the Ohio River. Aunt Barbie and Uncle Jay bought the girls, “just for them” life-jackets.

Lynne said the girls had a blast, and the view of our wonderful town was very nice too. Thanks Barbie and Jay!

Just an hour away, we went to the Oglebay Zoo where the girls got to play, see the animals, and ride the train. We also stopped in Moundsville to get some ice cream.

After church on Sunday, we went to a picnic where the girls ate a lot and played with kids their own age. We also went to Valley Cinema 3 in New Martinsville.

Of course, the girls got to get in our hot tub, and they got to make some s’mores, cook some hot dogs, and listen to some good old-fashioned country music before heading back to Virginia.

By night’s end, the girls got to check out my pictures I took at the OVAC All-Star Football Classic from Saturday. Then they read a book, prayed, and headed to bed before they were picked up by their other grandparents. They then headed to New York, before heading home to Virginia. Then, their mother and other grandparents before reading a book, praying, and heading to bed before their mother and other grandparents get back and heading to New York before heading back to Virginia.

As you can tell, there is a lot to do close to New Martinsville without spending a whole lot of money.


Congrats to Dave “Doc” Chapman for being the new head coach at Magnolia. Josh Sims was just newly hired at Morgantown High School as the Assistant Head Coach and quarterback coach. He was also hired a week ago as a teacher at University High School. Congrats to both guys.

Doc has been a head coach before at St. Marys and Williamstown and had very successful seasons at both before taking the offensive coordinator position at Magnolia. He knows the system very well, and the Blue Eagles are lucky that Coach Chapman wanted the job.

In Coach Sims’ behalf, I enjoyed all he did for Magnolia football. He led the Blue and Gold to another state championship, and to be able to move on to a AAA school in Morgantown and better himself, is good for him.

He may have had some people upset with his departure, right before the season was ready to start, but you can’t blame a guy to want to move on with his life.

Now we must get a new leader in Lumberjack Country, as the departed Shane Highley also bettered himself by taking the assistant superintendent position in Wetzel County.

The Wetzel Chronicle will be having its annual fall football, volleyball, soccer, golf and cross country schedule booklet out in the August 17 addition, while the annual high school football tab will be out in the August 24th addition.