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From My View For July 6

By Staff | Jul 6, 2016

Photo by Bruce Crawford The New Martinsville Cub Scouts Troop 128 works their magic and empties a truck full of supplies to give to West Virginia flood victims.

With all the flooding in West Virginia this past week and everyone writing columns about it, I won’t. But, I do want to thank so many people, businesses, clubs, civic organizations and citizens, of all ages, doing their part in helping in some way with the clean-up, donations, and prayers from our small county.

I know there were many, many others that gave a helping hand in some way or another – thanks to all of you. I know the people, businesses, and churches in West Virginia that lost a great deal – including loved ones – appreciate everything we in Wetzel/Tyler counties, and all over the country, are doing.


The first Jim Winters Memorial 3-on-3 basketball tournament is around the corner. The boy teams are full, but some girl teams are needed to finish the brackets. Organizers encourage youngsters and adults to come as well. They will also have shooting competitions, as well as a basket raffle that might just include some Pittsburgh Pirates tickets!

Organizers would like to have 24 teams using all four side hoops inside the MHS Gymnasium, as well as the two main hoops. Players will call all their fouls, but a person will be standing along to make sure the game is called fairly and that there are no problems. Mark Blair and myself will be there to observe as well.


There is some sad news out of Magnolia High School, as the 30-year run on the annual Life Achievement Awards Program will end. The program is taking a break this year.

The selection process the last few years hasn’t matched that of previous years, so the selection committee is going to evaluate the situation and hopefully revive the program in the near future.

I have been to almost half of those Life Achievement ceremonies and have seen first hand how the attendance to the awards banquet has declined each year.

The committee has done an outstanding job in hosting and putting on this nice ceremony. The dinner is awesome, the price is right and the stories that are told are priceless. A good many of the previous inductees have returned to the banquet in the past, but most have not since a good portion of those winners don’t live locally and travel a good way to be there.

There are loads of things that can help get the Life Achievement back to what it was, but first, I believe the local alumni need to step up and start coming, as well as some of the local legends and coaches.


A pet peeve of mine, and my wife’s, involves the walkers and runners positiioned on the wrong side of the road. They are, by law, to walk/run as they see cars coming at them, not away from them.

Most, if not all, bikers are doing an awesome job of riding their bikes and obeying all the road signs. For the biggest part, the youth are still not wearing helmets.


On a related note, there are also issues with people parking their cars and trucks along the street. People only think about right now and not about moving their vehicles up a foot or two to let more cars park.

While I’m on a roll, people who are not handicapped or pregnant take up those spots; the people that really are have to walk further. It’s not right.

Let’s think about the big picture.


The upcoming fall football previews will soon be here, and we will be working non-stop to get the updates on each of our six high schools that are covered at Tyler Star and the Wetzel Chronicle. We will also feature the schedules of all the fall sports in our annual schedule booklet.

As soon as the practices start in August, Ed Parsons and I will be out there getting the previews from Hundred, Magnolia, Paden City, River, Tyler and Valley high schools. Our front page theme looks to be announcers and spotters this season, and I will need a lot of help from past and present announcers and their spotters. If you are one of these, please contact me ASAP.


With the way my wife works and can get time off for vacation, I will be out of the area for a couple weeks in August and need to get as much done as I can before I leave.

You can contact me at the Wetzel Chronicle at 304-455-3300 or my cell phone at 304-771-1278.