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From My View For June 29

By Staff | Jun 29, 2016

After watching the first six NBA championship games between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, I was not a fan of the officials calling the game. They didn’t call much, but they did call a walk and let the physical play get out of hand.

However, in the seventh, and deciding, game to determine the champion, they did do a pretty good job and let the players decide who was going to win.

Golden State was a heavy favorite to win and won the first three of four games by huge points, but the underdog Cavaliers, who had never won an NBA title, did the impossible. They won two straight to send the championship title match to the seventh and deciding game.

However, there hasn’t ever been a team that fell behind 1-3 in a best of seven series and come back to win in the NBA Finals. What was in their way to do the unbelievable, was a team that broke a season record of 73 wins and only nine losses during the regular season.

After losing their first two games, and three of their first four in the NBA Finals, Cleveland did the impossible according to the experts – win three in a row with two having to be played in Golden State.

Most of you know the rest. Cleveland won three straight games, including two in Golden State, to grab their first major sports championship in 52 years. A lot of hype surrounded the series, and the play of LeBron James of the Cavaliers and Stephen Curry of the Warriors.

Besides the fouling that wasn’t called and all the complaining from both the players and one of the coaches that we saw on television, the games were not bad to watch if I cut that part out.

With all the hype surrounding the game and the excellent outside shooting by Golden State, and the inside game of Cleveland, I was glued to my chair for seven days. My heart was with Cleveland, because of all their years without a championship, but I really liked the defensive play and for the most part the unselfish play of the Warriors.

However, the defensive play of the Cavaliers was extraordinary throughout the series after the first two games. The block by James in the seventh game will go down in history as the best ever, but to me it was the emotion showed by the players after winning and losing that sealed the deal for me.

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I’m 62 years young and my health hasn’t been what I was hoping for, but last Monday I got hearing aids in both ears. I have been contemplating for the past several years about getting them or not getting them.

Well, I listened to my lovely wife and finally took the plunge, and I can’t be any happier. You have to stare if you want to see them, and I can hear stuff I didn’t know I could, like the movement of wind-blinds at work when the air conditioner comes on.

I had to move back in our church building because those sounds hurt my ears, because I heard them so loud. Plus, I have heard things I shouldn’t hear from friends of neighbors that said they didn’t like West Virginia people. That’s when I covered my ears so I couldn’t hear and thought to myself “Oh Boy what have I done? I can hear everything.”

After working 27 years in the coal mine, and being around high pitch sounds, I knew that some day down the road that losing some of my hearing might come into play. Well it did, but with the help of two small hearing aids that aren’t very noticeable, I can hear better than ever.

I have friends, yes I have friends, who are in the same boat as I was with hearing. I hope that if I can get just one to change their mind about hearing aids, like I have about the play of pro basketball, I would be very happy.

It’s not the same, as pro basketball. You can turn the TV off or change the channel, but you can’t when it comes to your hearing, your seeing, and getting around to walk.

I got glasses, so I can read better. I got two knee replacements so I can get around better, and now I got hearing aides so I can hear better. I must be getting older.

If you’re in the same boat, don’t wait. Get your eyes checked, and get glasses if you need them. If your’re having trouble getting around because of your knees, go see a doctor and get knee replacements if they’re needed. By all means go see a ear doctor, and if you need hearing aids, by all means get them.

If I would have taken better care of my knees by stretching them before playing, and wearing proper ear protection when around loud equipment at work, I wouldn’t have had to have knee replacements or hearing aids.

Young ones, take heed. Take care of your body while you’re still young, and you won’t have to get these things to help you. But, if you need them please do so. You will not be disappointed.