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From My View For June 22

By Staff | Jun 22, 2016

When watching the NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, I felt disgusted and ashamed of how the referees called the game.

Both teams played as hard as they could possibly play, and for the biggest part, the referees let the physical play escalate. It became where only the strong survived, while calling some plus ones, when there was no contact.

The game of basketball is to be a non-contact sport, but there is a clause where the use of rough play is allowed, and it’s called accidental contact. There is quite a few accidental contacts being played, not only in the NBA. It has been slowly trickling down to college, high school and junior high.

It’s getting to the point where only the strong can play the game, no more finesse play. It’s getting out of hand.

I know professional basketball is played differently than the college, high school and junior high game. However, will the powers that be change the rules for the good of the game and not just to get people in the stands. Where is the fairness?

I was once a basketball referee, and I know there is a lot of contact that’s not called, and it’s the guys in stripes to make sure the game is called the way the rules say the game is to be played.

I understand I will get some flack from my fellow basketball referees, but for the most part, they do a great service for the schools and are paid nicely for their time and knowledge of the game.

If it wasn’t for my knees, I would want to still be out there doing what fans still do at games most of the time from the bleachers. I guess in a way I’m doing that too.

I just don’t want this type of game to trickle down to college, high school and middle school. Again, I know it’s entertainment, but to the powers that be: clean it up a bit. I did see a five-step walk call!


Now to get out of this, I want to express how I feel about the cicadas. Yes they are loud and a nuisance, but for the biggest part they only come every 17 years.

Let’s find some good out of it…

The birds are getting fat off these insects, as well as many other animals. Fish are also enjoying the taste of the cicadas as well some of us humans who are seeking low carb, gluten-free food.

The cicadas aerate the soil of trees when they emerge, and help the trees when they die, by releasing a vast amount of nutrients into the soil that helps the growth of the trees, as well as seed production come the next spring.

They also form an important link in the food chain among trees, carnivores and omnivores… It is like Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthday parties rolled into one incredible month for our birds and other animals, all of which enjoy their fill to eat.


I came across a new memorial basketball tournament coming our way in July. Former Magnolia basketball standout Mark Winters and his family are sponsoring a three-on-three basketball tournament July 9, starting at noon inside the MHS Hammer-Dome for Jim Winters, Mark’s late grandfather.

Jim took Mark, Mike and Mitch to many many basketball tournaments over countless summers to help fine-tune their skills. The Winters boys and family just wanted to do something for him. The proceeds from this tournament will help in making a scholarship fund for some lucky graduate in the future.

Contact Mark Winters at 304-845-1171 to enter a team, or find him on Facebook. It will be a double-elimination three-on-three basketball tournament that will also get you a T-shirt and a meal for only a fee of only $60 for a team of four, or $15 a player. Good stuff guys, Jim would be proud.