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Kiger Leads the Way At Paden City 5K

By Staff | Jun 8, 2016

Photos by Ed Parsons The top female and male finishers, Ciera Space and Tyler Kiger, pose with Paden City Foundation 5K Race Director Rodney McWilliams.

The rain held off Saturday, June 4 for the sixth Paden City Foundation 5K. Proceeds from the event benefitted The Paden City Museum and WVU Children’s Hospital.

Appalachian Timing Group from Huntington provided this year’s timing services for the foundation’s 5K run and walk.

On his Paden City Foundation 5K Run and Walk event page, race organizer Rodney McWilliams noted that it was great to see so many friends familiar faces and new faces and really great to see so many young children” at the race.

McWilliams noted that he hoped everyone had a great time and made some great memories in Paden City.

“Keep running and walking and volunteering,” he stated.

Jason Mader receives his award from Kathi Ferrebee for being the top finisher in the 5K Walk. Mader finished the race with a time of 29:43.5.

This year’s overall winner was Tyler Kiger, 19, of Paden City. Kiger finished the race with a time of 18:56.5.

Kiger is a 2016 graduate of Paden City High School and a member of the school’s cross country and track teams.

Following Kiger was Phil Bowser, 36, of New Martinsville. Bowser finished with a time of 19:08.4, followed by Scott Clegg, 44, of Sistersville, with a time of 19:17.5.

Clegg was followed by fourth place finisher Matt Day, 43, of New Martinsville, with a time of 19:29.2; Mark Day, 38, of Wheeling, with a time of 19:48.2; and Jason Hart, 33, of Lowell, with a time of 20:28.1.

Gavin Corley, 16, of Sistersville, finished seventh overall with a time of 20:30.8, followed by Austin Timmons, 13, of Middlebourne, with a time of 20.49.8 and Ciara Space, 13, of Marietta, with a time of 20:55.5.

Bill Hornbrook, of New Martinsville, was the first finisher in the 70 and above division with a time of 25:59.

Michael Lewis, 33, of Parkersburg, rounded out the top 10 with a time of 21:06.1.

The 5K Walk portion of the race also saw plenty of action. Jason Mader, 45, of Williamston, was the top finisher with a time of 29.38.7. He was followed by Alex Thoburn, 54, of Paden City, with a time of 31:38.6.

Randy Nutter, 62, of Saint Marys (34:43.7), Lois Ebeling, 63, of New Martinsville (36:15.2), and Olivia Mensore, 14, of New Martinsville (36:53.2) rounded out the top five.

Although the temperature was comfortable enough at 76 degrees, the humidity was a high as the spirits of the 106 runners and walkers. The heat and humidity didn’t deter the runners and walkers from giving their best as several personal best times were achieved. The top finishers (nine males and one female) were pretty evenly spaced apart except for two runners. Jason Hart, of Lowell, OH and Gavin Corley from Sistersville gave the crowd at the finish line quite a show as the two runners (Hart at 33 years old and Corley 16) put on a all-out sprint with over 60 yards to the finish line. In the final 15 yards, Hart caught his younger competitor and dashed across the line with a second to spare to take the sixth overall place.

A new facet to the race was the adoption of Chip timing where participants have a timing chip attached to their racing bib and their race times are recorded electronically. The Appalachian Timing Group provided the timing services and also included finish line photographs of each finisher, video of the finish line and commentary and music throughout the race. Race organizer McWilliams later commented, “We are very pleased with our new timing company. Ricky Campbell provided everything we needed in a very professional manner. We were able to have race results in just a few minutes from the time the last walker crossed the line. “

Lois Ebeling, Ladies’s Walk Champion.

Prior to the start of the race, Susie Cosper and Shauna Williams were each awarded the Gary and Ruby McWilliams Volunteerism Award for their continued work with the race each year. The American Legion Post 86 of Paden City raised the Colors as the National Anthem was played and Scott Mapes, a runner in the race and minister at the Paden City Church of the Nazarene provided a pre-race blessing to all the participants.

McWilliams added,” We want to thank all the race sponsors for the continued support. Their financial help is crucial in helping us achieve our goal to provide funding to our worthy causes. I also want to thank the race volunteers who provided all the help needed in registration, manning the water stop and provided traffic control at all the intersections to keep the race safe for everyone involved.” For information about the race or become a sponsor for next year’s event, contact McWilliams at 304-482-9684.

Complete results are presented below and more coverage can be found at aptiming.com.

5K Run – Male:

Overall: Tyler Kiger, 18:56.5; Phil Bowser, 19:08.4; Scott Clegg, 19:17.5.

8-14: Austin Timmons, 20:49.8; Zerihun Biram, 22:07.2; Adam Bennett, 30.52.2; Jasup Spragg, 33:53.6; Nicholas Matheny, 34:18.0; Jesse Griffith, 43:47.1.

15-19: Tyler Kiger, 18:56.5; Gavin Corley, 20:30.8; Nathan Barker, 21:47.5; Jacob Pancake, 22:06.9; Cade Myers, 32:33.2; Luke Daugherty, 43:47.5.

20-29: Adam Koontz, 23:42.6; Tobin McEldowney, 33:40.

30-39: Phil Bowser, 19:08.4; Mark Day, 19:48.2; Jason Hart, 20:28.1; Michael Lewis, 21:06.1; Chris Flesher, 24:39.2; James Bennett, 25:23.9.

40-49: Scott Clegg, 19:17.5; Matt Day, 19:29.2.

50-59: Patrick Gramlich, 26:56.7; Scott Mapes, 27:19.3.

60-69: Joe Griffith, 43:48.0

70 And Above: Bill Hornbrook, 25:58.8

5K Run – Female:

Overall: Ciara Space, 20.55.5; Kathryn Isaly, 25.11.1; Angi McDonald, 26:07.6.

8-14: Ciara Space, 20:55.5; Brandis Dalrymale, 29:02.7; Tanley McEldowney, 29:10.5; Alyssa Hornbeck, 34.43.8; Ava Black, 33:42.4; McKenzie Thomas, 33.37.5; Audri Jackson, 46:22.7; Makia Litton, 46:37.

20-29: Serena Reynolds, 28:21.7; Kim Flesher, 31:15.9; Meredith Waggoner, 31:27.3; Emily Bensford, 32:32.6; Marlee Amos, 39:27.9; Lindsey Fox, 59:15.9.

30-39: Kathryn Isaly, 25:11.1; Stacey Black, 28:31.2; Chanda Spragg, 37:51.7; Sheena Hubbard, 43:21.4.

40-49: Trisha Mensore, 28:24.8; Kandy Stephen, 29:41.5; Deb Price, 34:53.6; Becky Winters, 36:35.6; Clarissa Hornbeck, 40:42.8; Melissa Shaffer, 43:39.4.

50-59: Angi McDonald, 26:07.6; Carolyn Hizer, 35:33.7; Jeanne Davis, 38:06.4

60-69: Deanna Brimmer, 44:44.9

5K Walk – Male:

Overall: Jason Mader, 29:43.5; Alex Thoburn, 31:38.6; Randy Nutter, 34:50.4

20-29: Eric Croasmun, 48:29.3; Adam Croasmun, 48:36.8.

40-49: Jason Mader, 29:43.5; David McEldowney, 43:38.4; Bob Meriwether, 46:26.9; Scott Simonton, 46:38.0.

50-59: Alex Thoburn, 31:38.6; Craig Block, 41:32.4; Greg Morris, 42:58.8; John Myers, 50:53.4; Kevin Yeater, 1:01:43.3.

60-69: Randy Nutter, 34:50.4; Greg Richmond, 49:15.9; Gregory Shirak, 50:53.7.

70 And Above: John Parsons, 42:09.8; James Fitzsimmons, 45:05.6.

5K Walk – Female:

Overall: Lois Ebeling, 36:16.6; Olivia Mensore, 36:55; Shawnna Matheny, 37:08.1.

8-14: Oliva Mensore, 36:55.0; Nardos Biram, 42:45.1.

15-19: Tessa Graves, 46:38.5; Elizabeth Cokeley, 48:36.6.

20-29: Alivia Melott, 43:37.4; Jessica Baker, 46:31.8; Kim Eagleson, 48:00.3; Stephanie Brown, 49:18.3; Joanna Mykisen, 59:15.9; Anne Neff, 59:16.8.

30-39: Amanda McPherson, 45:46.2; Whitney Bennett, 48:29.5.

40-49: Shawnna Matheny, 37:08.1; Crystal Shockley, 39:56.2; Linda Bensford, 40:03.0; Elizabeth Melott, 42:48.6.

50-59: Ann Isaly, 40:59.8; Vicki Cain, 46:07.0; Valerie Brown, 49:18.2; Linda Fonner, 1:00:00.9.

60-69: Lois Ebeling, 36:16.6; Norma Ritz, 44:14.9; Sandy Headley, 52:41.8; Nancy Richmond, 54:52.1; Judy Vetter, 55:21.1.

70 And Above: Janet Weber, 40:09.1; Eleanor Young, 46:50.7; Barbara Fitzsimmons, 51:01.5; Nora Parsons, 55:22.3.