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From My View For June 1

By Staff | Jun 1, 2016

Not enough time in the day. Boy, that holds true in my job as a sports writer. I cover all our local high school sports, as well as those across the river at River High School. During the fall I cover football, golf, cross country, volleyball, boys and girls soccer. In the winter we have wrestling, as well as boys and girls basketball. In the spring we have baseball, softball, track, tennis and now archery.

It is good for small Class A schools to have so many sports for kids to participate in, and when you throw in cheerleading, band and theater, there is something going on in our high schools 24/7. Many of these kids play multiple sports, and they work at it. If it were not for some of these kids that play multiple sports in the same season, a few of our schools wouldn’t be able to have some teams.

With all these kids playing multiple sports, you would think that their grades would falter. That is not true; the kids work hard to be able to participate.

What I am trying to get at with this … I may be busy covering so many sports, but these kids need the recognition. If I can give these kids a little press coverage, I believe I have done my job.


After a few weeks off during the summer, the athletes will start all over in their quest for a OVAC, sectional, regional, Mason-Dixon, and even a state title. However, they first will need to get a physical to be ready to rock and roll come August when the fall sports start their practices.

So many kids wait until the week of their first practices to get their physicals, which doesn’t help with getting on the good side of the coaching staff.

Also, to excel at a sport, one must work during the summer at fine-tuning your skills and getting in shape, to be ready to rumble from the first day.


With most of our area schools short in numbers, Paden City changed its way of presenting the best male and female senior athlete at its senior all-sports banquet. It gives the award to the top male and female athlete who have the most varsity letters during their career.

With most schools hurting with not enough athletes to support a team, Paden City acknowledged that and did something about it. Paden City High School and Athletics Director Fred King supports it and works with all the coaches on their practices to be able to give the kids a chance to participate in as many sports as they want.

If there were kids who wanted to play multiple sports in a season, the coaches would work with the schedules to make sure the kids would still have time to go home to eat and do their homework and not hurt teams with their practices and games. They knew that if their kids wanted to excel and help teams have enough players to have a team, that they would do everything in their power to make sure they could get it done.

The same goes for the Hundred High student-athletes. There have been quite a few playing multiple sports along with participating in other activities. They participate so that their school might have a team. My hat is off to all the kids and their parents to do this for the schools.

Sometimes a team might not get the best out of a student because he or she is tired. However, the kids I know that play multiple sports always give everything they have, and then some.


Sometimes these things happen in our area because of not enough participation. To the students – if you don’t participate in extracurricular activities, you’re missing out. I know sports is not for everybody, but if you are able, go out and participate. Take pride in your school. Go out and at least try.

Sports isn’t for everyone, but there is much more at school besides sports. There is band, theater, choir, FFA and TSA too.

Be a part of something. You will not regret it.

And if you do participate in sports … please don’t wait until the last minute to get your packet and get your phsyical!