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A Great Season for All of Our Local Student-Athletes

By Staff | May 25, 2016

It’s been a great sports season for our area schools – not only on the gymnasium hard-floors, ballfields and courts, but in the classroom as well.

The Magnolia football team had a storybook season – one we will never forget, going undefeated and winning its third state championships, and second since I have been the sports reporter here.

Also the Eagles’ girls’ track team won its first state title this season. They, along with the Blue Eagles football, boys’ basketball, wrestling, and golf teams, won OVAC championships, as did River volleyball and Valley football.

In the Mason-Dixon, the Valley boys’ track team won its fourth title in a row, while the Paden City baseball team won its second in a row. In addition, the Valley Lumberjills basketball team won the H.I.T. championship and the boys’ runner-up this season.

Some people judge teams on titles and state championships, and that’s very reasonable. However we stress, it is not how you start the season, but how you finish the season, too.

And I can say for a fact that the majority of our area sports programs have did this very well this season. With 52 high schools in the OVAC, it’s indeed an honor to win to have won.

Our amazing bands have won quite a few awards this year, too many to mention. They, along with our cheerleaders, do a very fine job, and perform throughout the year, just not in the fall, winter and spring sports season.

It’s still not the size of the dog; it’s the bite he or she shows when competing that we all strive for.

There are so many things besides winning that playing sports bring. The first is the importance of representing your high school, yourself and your family, including your community.

It shows sportsmanship, or should. Playing on a team will help you beyond your high school days; it follows you to work, knowing if your a good sport and work well with others. It shows if you are a team-player or not, or just out for yourself.

Can you handle jobs when the going gets tough, or do you fold under pressure? The people out there that hire people like you and me look at your resume to find out if you have these flaws or if you are a champion off the field as well.

Of course, when you look for a job, you must possess intelligence. We are lucky to have the teachers we have here in are area. They want to see the youth grow up to be good parents and citizens of the community. We are truly blessed here for that reason alone, for sure.