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Girls’ Tennis Program Returns to Magnolia

By Staff | May 4, 2016

Photo by Bruce Crawford The Magnolia tennis team, from left, Megan Yoho, Whitney Yoho, Cearia Leek, Garylin Fletcher, Logan Riggs, Ashley DeMarco, Bethany Brown, Kameron Melott, Kelsey Fisher and Coach Jessie Robinson.

After a few years of no tennis, Magnolia has returned girls’ tennis to its sports program. Jesse Robinson, physical education and health teacher, has stepped up to bring back tennis back, as well as archery.

Robinson played recreational tennis at WVU and was a top-notch archery athlete as well. She had 14 girls out to start the season.

Getting a late start resulted in the Eagles not having a full schedule, but with only one junior, three sophomores and 10 freshmen out, the future of Magnolia tennis looks great.

Coach Robinson can only take six of her 14 tennis athletes to matches and can only take the top four in singles, as well as the top three in doubles.

The top six tennis athletes who have been going to matches are, Logan Spencer, Kelsey Fisher, Ashley DeMarco, Bethany Brown, Whitney Yoho and Kameron Mellott.

They had six matches scheduled this season.

Coach Robinson is excited about the future in both her tennis and archery teams next season.