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From My View For April 20

By Staff | Apr 20, 2016

When Mother Nature wants to spoil our athletic events in the area, she does a pretty good job.

This past Friday, Saturday and Monday our sports pages were a washout, so we had to hope she would come through with some nice weather so we can have a little bit of stuff to put in the paper.

Well, she did, and we didn’t have a washout for the week. Instead, we had some excellent track, baseball and softball games.

I’m always worried when it rains and cancels a lot of games, and I don’t know if its going to let-up enough so we can have a sports page.

However, some teams are still not seeing the big picture about sending in game reports. You know who they are if you read the paper.

It’s the ones that are not in the paper or that has very little information. We all know if your losing you don’t want people to know, so they don’t put in anything. So what? There are other teams that do and we can write more about them. Right? I guess.

But after a few weeks, we get a call or a note that this team is always in the paper or that kid is in the paper. They say, “can’t you get somebody else some press coverage.”

I would love to, but you see if I’m not at the game and take notes, I need for the coaches or the stat person to get me the information. For 14 years, I have been doing this and it’s the same year-in-and year-out, the same schools and coaches.

It’s sad when I have to call the high school’s secretary to get a name of a player.

They are supposed to at least put their roster on the WVSSAC website, but most schools, except Paden City High School, procrastinate and don’t even put their roster, schedules and scores into their website either.

In the real world I guess you just leave them out and cover the teams that do, but I see these parents and kids and I want them to see their names in the paper, just as much as the schools on the river. However, someone at these high school will need to have the coaches or a stat person get with the program or it will go on-and-on the same way year-after-year.