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Cherish All The Good Memories That You Have

By Staff | Apr 13, 2016

Photo by Zach Blair Tyler Rose is shown in the West Virginia circle before heading to the mound to throw out the first pitch of a West Virginia/Oklahoma State baseball game.

This week’s column covers many topics, but mostly memories. Memories are a collection of systems for the storage and recall of information from things you have went through or witnessed, some good, but some-not-so-good. In this column it is good. I try not to think about the bad.


The wife and I just had a pre-wedding party for our youngest son, Jeremy, and his future bride, Janine, and her mom and stepfather, Rachel and Michael. The memory of the party I hope stays with them. I know it will for me. Most of Jeremy’s friends that couldn’t come to the wedding in June in Canada were at our house.

Our in-laws from Virginia were there too. Even though it was cold and we couldn’t go outside for very long, it was just what the doctor ordered. It kept people mingling together instead of being separated and spread out. It was nice to see.

Jeremy got to reminisce with his buddies from Fairmont and got to show off his bride-to-be to his friends. I just thought to myself of what memories he is starting to make.

Janine and her parents got to meet most of the family, I hope they all liked us – who wouldn’t? Ha ha!

When part of our family had to leave, so did our in-laws from Virginia. My grandson, Christian, wanted to say goodbye to Richard. Richard is a professional Santa Claus and looks the part and really acts the part too. Christian just loved him up so much and even tugged gently on his beard, telling him “I love you Santa.” Christian isn’t two and a half-years-old yet. The memory of that moment, I hope, sticks with me forever – and the memory of the party as well.


When you talk about other memories, one might remember about the time you hit that home run to win a sectional baseball game such as Luke Cooper did against Magnolia last season, or how about when Magnolia and Preston Boswell beat three straight private schools to win the state championship last season in boys’ basketball. Or the wonderful undefeated season of football at MHS topped off by a state championship.

Our new ad guy Zach Blair just had a great memory with his stepson, Tyler. They went to the home-opener at WVU against Oklahoma State, who was ranked No. 16. Tyler got to throw out the first ball. There are so many good memories there.


There are many good moments for each person to remember, including the day you got baptized, got engaged and got married. I know those will be memories that will last forever.

But, let’s make memories that we can put away and go through years later through our newspaper. We try to put as much local stuff in our paper that can be cut out and stored away.

We have new editors at the Wetzel Chronicle and Tyler Star News in Lauren Matthews and Miles Layton, respectively. I know they will have lots of memories of their promotion. I know that these two want to put out a memorable paper week in and week out.

What can we do to help make some memories that we can share with everyone? Send us your engagements, your wedding notices, and your special functions captured on paper to help you remember your memories.

Have your coaches send in stats to help get your name in the paper, or send in that special thing that had happened or was going to happen. If they don’t, shame on them for not sharing your memory.

Let’s help our new editors show that we, in Tyler County and Wetzel County, want to remember our memories, just not in our hearts and mind, but in our eyes when we can get that newspaper out and show our children’s children what happened way back when.

It starts today, as a picture of Tyler Rose made the Wetzel Chronicle in my weekly column, while at a West Virginia-Oklahoma State baseball game. Who is next?