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A Helping Hand Is Always Needed

By Staff | Mar 16, 2016

In this week’s column, I want to talk about this year’s Hundred baseball team.

After a dismal 0-14 season last year, the Hundred Hornets are looking to a new chapter of baseball under first-year head coach Josh King. However, they will need some help getting started.

After going to one of their practices last week, I saw the coaching staff and a few of the players on the field soaking up the water before the rest of the team arrived.

But, they didn’t have a shovel or bucket to put the water in. They had one rake, but no dirt or sand to lay down to help dry the field out. The bases were from about 25 years ago, and they were all out there working their tails off just to be able to practice.

If someone could help in getting these boys a shovel, some rakes, push brooms and buckets, instead of a cup and their hands to dig a hole, along with some dirt, sand and a wheelbarrow to haul it, that can really help.

Also they have a small stream that runs behind their visitor’s dugout and backstop and could use something to block the baseballs from going into the water. A net would also be nice, but that would cost a little bit of money.

Coach King just got hired a couple weeks ago and will start having fundraisers. One he has started for this year is selling t-shirts.

If you are interested, give one of the baseball players a yell. But until they can get on their feet to raise some money, give them a little love, and if you have something they can use, drop it off at the field.

Hundred sports has had some down years. Players and coaches want to be able to turn things around. If some people can help the program out a little, and the kids can see there are fans out there who care, I know it will give them a little lift.

Another thing I would like to address is the roadways in Wetzel County, especially in Proctor.

People are throwing out trash, and with all the heavy winds the trash is everywhere. Please do your part and not throw stuff from your vehicles. Tie down your garbage so the wind doesn’t take it and spread it all over the place.

And, while I’m at it, please when you walk your dogs, pick up after them and throw it away. Don’t let it lay there for someone to step on or the owners to dispose of it when they start mowing soon.

Talking about mowing grass, it’s that time of year when baseball, softball and track teams will be in full force, and will be out trying to raise funds for their perspective teams.

I know that in the Wetzel County area we get loads of teams, not only high school teams, but Little League as well. Do what you can.

We here in New Martinsville get a lot of other areas that come to get donations. Don’t be rude to them. They still come to our town and buy. But, let’s not hound our small businesses too much. They give and give, but they still must be able to make a living too.

Hopefully, teams can have car washes and sell things that people can buy, and not have to ask these businesses to keep giving and giving.

Now for the good stuff.

Congrats to the Magnolia Blue Eagles boys’ basketball team for winning its second straight Region One crown. Nice accomplishment. Now, it’s win or go home. Let’s try to repeat and make this a season to remember. We have never had back-to-back state champions, so lets go and get-err-done.