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Unusual Silence In Pine Grove

By Staff | Jan 13, 2016

It is with a heavy heart that I’m even going to talk about this. Last week I was at Valley High School to cover a girls’ basketball game and didn’t think too much of what I saw, or should I say, didn’t see.

From the sideline where the teams are located, I was taking notes and taking pictures. As the game moved along, I thought there was something missing.

Both teams were playing hard, and they both were giving those in attendance something to cheer for on both sides of the court, offensively as well as defensively.

The farther along the game went I was wondering why there was no cheering from the student body. I have been covering Valley for 14 years now and always thought I had a good rapport with the students, players, fans and school staff at Valley.

They have always supported their Lumberjacks and Lumberjills in whatever sport was in season. The fan sometimes were not heavy in numbers, but they were always very supporting to their teams up until that night.

Not once did I hear a cheer from the Valley cheerleaders until I waltzed over while taking pictures and asked them a simple question.

I have been covering Valley for years and this is the first time that I have never heard anything from the student body and not one cheer from the cheerleaders with only three and a half minutes remaining in the varsity game.

The cheerleaders didn’t respond right away, but they did say they were sorry. A few moments later they cheered on their Lumberjills with three or four cheers. I was happy, but still there was something else missing – the student body.

Although the game was almost over and the home school was ahead on the two new scoreboards, there was still no fan support from the student body. There were some cheers from the local fans that show up game-after-game, as well as some graduates who were there to support their loved ones and neighbors.

I don’t know why the fans just didn’t want to support the players, but for me a high school game is not a high school game if it wasn’t for the cheering and support they get from the student body and their cheerleaders.

It can’t be because the game was boring, as it wasn’t. It couldn’t be because the teams were not very good – they were. It’s certainly not because of the referees. They are friends of mine, and they did awesome. I wish I can put a finger on it; but from my point of view, it was just a dream, and when I go back out there, the student body will whoop it up. The cheerleaders will give it their all to keep the players and student body excited, and the sixth man/women will be back in full strength at Valley High School once more.