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A Look Into My Holiday With The Family

By Staff | Dec 30, 2015

Now that Christmas is over and the new year is fast approaching, I would like to share a few things. After waking up on Christmas Day and fixing breakfast for my bride, we traveled down the river to watch our grandson open his presents.

It was such a joy watching him make quick work of the beautiful wrapping paper. His eyes were as wide as ever, acknowledging his presents and giving hugs and kisses to all.

Halfway through, we lost power in the living room. Pap-Pap King and Uncle Jay-Jay came to the rescue, and we were able to finish opening all the presents under the tree. Afterwards, we left and got home in time to get Lynne off to work.

After taking her to work, I went and spent time with my Mom, sister and brother in-law. We watched my Mom open her presents, which was just as nice as it was watching the grandson open his.

I then went back to pick my wife up from work, and we traveled to Virginia to watch our granddaughters do the same. Even though it would be the day after Christmas, the girls wanted both sets of grandparents there to watch. At first, I was disappointed that the girls had to wait an extra day to open their presents, but I felt much better after finding out they didn’t have much time on Christmas Day anyway. Their sump pump malfunctioned, and they had to work all night on Christmas Eve scooping up water. After getting a new sump pump as their Christmas present to themselves so the girls could enjoy the big day, they needed Christmas day to sleep.

It wasn’t Mom and Dad’s idea to postpone the festivities. It was the middle child, Kyra, that explained that they know the real meaning of Christmas.

She wanted everyone to enjoy the day together, and wanted to postpone the opening of presents for a day, so both sets of grandparents could be there to watch, and her parents could get some much needed rest.

After traveling all night through heavy rain and fog, we arrived early the next morning in one piece.

We slept for a few hours before our precious girls woke up and were ready to devour their presents. But breakfast came first, and after a word of thanks, we ate. Before opening presents, we all held hands and gave thanks again.

The girls had the best time opening their presents, and I took as many pictures as I could to replay the day later on. Their other set of grandparents played Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, in their homemade outfits made by Mrs. Claus. Everyone had an awesome time.

Later in the day, we went to another Santa’s house, a mere five minutes away by car. (It wasn’t at the North Pole). He is a professional Santa who gives his time during the holidays to many kids in and around the community, and at local hospitals. We had a wonderful time at the Males’ (Mr. and Mrs. Claus) for dinner. They welcomed an elder of his church and his lovely bride to dinner, and all I can say is wow! More food than you can imagine. Of course I had to have seconds. The food was incredible, and so was the company. We all shared past Christmas memories, and well wishes for the future. All I can say it was a wonderful day, even if it took two days to get ‘er done!

Our youngest son, Jeremy, spent another Christmas Day alone. He lives in New York and couldn’t make it home. He is waiting to celebrate his Christmas on New Year’s Eve, when his fiance’ will be in New York for a few days before heading back to Toronto, Canada, to start getting ready for their wedding in early June.

I hope all my Wetzel Chronicle readers had an awesome Christmas too. Now that New Year’s is almost here, we need to thank God for our family, and our health. Even though we might have various aches and pains, there is always someone else less fortunate, who needs tender-loving care. Here’s wishing all of you a happy New Year.